Friday, May 02, 2008

love, friday

Love the kindness of neighbors. My neighbor, Julie, dropped these flowers by today just because she knew I'd be home and thought I'd like the spring cheer. And given that it's been rainy for a few days and intends to do the same for at least one more day, yes! I can use the spring cheer! The flowers are from a new flower shop that's just opening up in our neighborhood. Beautiful! Thank you, Julie!
Love that our good friends, Kate & Andy, have a new son as of last Thursday. Wesley Phillip was born very early in the morning and came out at a whopping 8lbs, 6oz. I got a sneak-peek at him over the weekend and he's gorgeous!

Love that Dan comes home from his business trip tomorrow. Caring for a rambunctious toddler 24/7 is much more difficult when you're 7-months pregnant and on your own.

Love that the Living Green Expo is this weekend. Dan and I have gone every year since the first one and can't wait to go again. We won't be biking there, as we've always done in the past, but maybe we can take the bus this time...

Love sweet potatoes sauteed in butter, cinnamon and brown sugar, then steamed until it's all a carmelized mess. Too bad Jackson didn't share the sweet potato love with me...(not surprised).

Love finally getting going on Jackson's Drive-Thru Sweater. Love having a circular Stockinette project again - fast and easy! (And possible to still knit while dealing with the Boy and his friend since it doesn't require my looking at the needles...)

Love the Boy's hair (stick-straight and riddled with cowlicks). Love that he had to wear my handknit headband yesterday just because I was wearing one too. (It wasn't my choice to put wool pants on him when it was 67 degrees Fahrenheit either...he loves his stripey pants!)
Love seaming Amelia's blanket. Tedious, yes. But I think about her with each stitch that brings the blanket together and can't help but feel happy.

Love having started Amelia's baby book already. Yes, I'm that mom who is totally on top of the baby book thing*, even though I can't print a photo from my computer for a regular photo album to save my life. (Jackson's baby book is chock-full of photos, we just don't have any photo albums laying around.) There's obviously a lot that I can't fill in yet about Amelia (like, who does she look like?!) but I did the family tree and "about mommy & daddy" pages. I love this stuff.

Love 30-weeks. Three-fourths of the way there. Ten weeks to go. Seven months down, a little over 2 left. Rounding the corner...

Love finding lots of things to love this Friday, even though I've been crabby since Dan's been gone and didn't think I could come up with anything. It's not always as bad as it seems.

love, friday

(Okay, fine. Love the rain. It's good for the gardens!)

(*And for anyone who wants to warn me that Amelia's baby book will not ever get past its current state of completion since she's the "second child," you must not know me very well. I LOVE this stuff. And I was a third kid with an incomplete baby book** will not happen this time!)

(**I know you tried, Mom. Thanks for the effort!) :)

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Rob & Maria said...

Settling in to the new apartment. REading the posts make me smile. Thank you!