Wednesday, May 28, 2008

I'm hooked

First one for Amelia, then another for Amelia, one for Jackson, one for Amelia, and now another one for Jackson:
I think it's safe to say that I'm on a "kid sweater kick" lately with my knitting. They're hard to resist when they knit up so quickly and bring endless enjoyment from their cuteness. I tried to tell myself that I had to wait to cast on for this one (after having a total "accident" with my credit card at the yarn store the other day...what can I say? it was on SALE...) until after Amelia's blanket was totally finished*. But it didn't work. I cast on last night and here I am, ready to finish the front and move on to the back tonight. (It's a great little one-piece design that goes from front bottom edge to back bottom edge, knitting upwards over the shoulders. Sleeves will be picked up and then it's just the side/sleeve seams to finish. Slick.)

As usual, the camera doesn't capture the true color of this yarn, but I'll make a better attempt for the final photo. It's a lovely pale blue with oatmeal and natural strains (cotton/rayon/linen blend). It looks gray sometimes but then blue as you get very nice.

Off to give good-night kisses to the boy for whom this sweater is intended, then back to knitting. We just got home from our tree-buying adventure (it's being delivered tomorrow! stay tuned!) and we're all beat. Definitely time for a bowl of strawberry ice cream, don't you think?
*The blanket is not finished. I'm still two seams away. I'll get back to it after this sweater, I swear!

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