Thursday, May 29, 2008

It's here!

Amelachier x grandiflora "Autumn Brilliance" Serviceberry
(link to the Missouri Botanical Gardens info page on the tree - the best I could find for general info)

[Ours will be similar to this at maturity, though we have one main trunk instead of the multiple lines coming out of this one.]

Beautiful white flowers in the spring, edible fruit that attracts birds in the summer (who apparently eat 99% of the fruit before it even falls to the ground, so low mess), and - as the name implies - brilliant fall color. It will grow to be 15'-25' tall and about 15'-20' wide. It's friendly for gardening below and will provide just enough shade (over the years) for us to cultivate our love of vegetable gardening in full sun while maintaining a respite in the shade for sipping lemonade. We bought young (smaller) on the advice of a few different tree experts, since the older (larger) trees typically take longer to settle in to the new environment while the young ones just keep on growing (in a few years, they'd be the same height anyway so we decided to save the extra money). This one is about 8'-9' tall now and is supposed to grow about a foot in each direction each year. We're planting it ourselves this weekend. Now to find the perfect spot... Wish us luck!

P.S. The invoice abbreviated the scientific name of the tree down to "Amela." That's very close to the name of a sweet little girl who's about to be born this summer...maybe we should call it the "Amelia Tree?"


Rob & Maria said...

WOW. This looks beautiful. Can't wait for another visit, preferably when I can play with the kids outside in the green grass!

Ruth's Place said...

It's going to be fabulous!

Bonnie said...

A service berry tree?! How cool - Service Berries (also called Saskatoons) are really quite tasty. Vladimyr's famly has some tasty recipies.