Friday, May 23, 2008

love, friday

Love this new nursing cover-up that my mom and sister sent to me for Baby Amelia. (See? I love pink too! Especially with all of those other gorgeous colors mixed in!)
[Edited to add: I forgot to mention where my sister got it! For Your Peanut...check it out...she has AWESOME fabrics and the cover-up is super nice quality with built-in boning and an adjustable neck strap. Love handmade goods!]

Love the Canada Anemone that has taken over the front boulevard garden. Well, don't love that it's really taking over (it grows from an underground rhizome and is taking advantage of some of the holes that I made in the garden last year) but I plan to dig a bunch up to share with friends this weekend (and then fill in the holes with other plants!). It only blooms every other year, so it's definitely a treat.
Love this Boy. Love this photo of this Boy. Wow...when did he get so old? (Grandparents, we're making prints of this photo...I know, shocking, since we never print any photos, but stay tuned.)
Love this Boy too, and I think it's safe to say "boy" since bike-commuting from work again has definitely made him happier. He swept Jackson away on the bike after dinner last night with our good friends, Bob & Ethan, and they were out until the sun went down. Let's just say that it was very easy to get Jackson to sleep last night after an evening with Dad on the bike, at the playground, having a DQ...
Love strawberry blossoms and the anticipation of what they bring.Love strawberry-rhubarb crisp even more, even if the strawberries had to come from California for this batch. (Sorry, Barbara, but the rhubarb was from my side garden, so that's local!) The recipe is from "Animal, Vegetable, Miracle" and can be found here (scroll down). It may very well be the best fruit crisp I've ever tasted. (Mine was the one without all of that silly whipped cream...Dan's the cream fanatic around here!)
Love sunny mornings that lead into sunny days. Love the anticipation of this morning, when I'll take Jackson to his friend's house to play and head off to my 33-week midwife appointment. Love that I'll get some more time to myself after that and then Dan comes home early today to start the long Memorial Day weekend. Love our plans for the weekend, as simple as they are.

love, friday


Amanda said...

I am glad you like your nursing cover! And how nice of you to put it up on your blog. Michele directed me to your blog after she purchased it from me and mentioned that I might see it there. Good luck with your new little bundle! I hope she likes pink!

Amanda Stamm

Kate_S said...

That cover is awesome! I just ordered one for myself and I can't wait for it to arrive. I was just thinking the other day how I really need to find something just like this. Thanks for the tip!

Rob & Maria said...

I LOVE reading your blog. It gives me smiles when I do. Love you guys!