Saturday, June 14, 2008

Cinnamon Booties

Cinnamon Booties

Yarn: Crystal Palace "Panda Cotton"; 55% bamboo, 24% cotton, 21% elastic; color "red cinnamon"
Pattern: "Saartje's Bootees" (free pattern link in right sidebar)
7 sts/in

Needles: US2 dpns
Size: teeny tiny
Started: 6/13/08
Finished: 6/14/08

After a disappointing finish with the Forest Canopy Shawl, I needed a quick pick-me-up knitting project last night. I had reserved the leftovers from my own Panda Cotton socks of last summer for baby girl booties at some point, but I didn't know they'd be for my own little girl! I saw this free pattern floating around on a few blogs lately and couldn't resist its charm.

I modified the straps only because I wanted buttonholes instead of loops at the ends. That just made it easier, I think, because I cast-on for the extra strap stitches with the same yarn instead of using a second strand as the pattern recommends. I also lengthened my straps by 5 stitches to accommodate for the buttonholes and used the EZ sewn bind-off to provide maximum stretchiness over the top of the foot.

These booties look VERY small (almost too small) but I kept comparing them against ones that I knit for Jackson and he wore from 0-3 months...they seem to be right on size-wise. And if Amelia comes out with ginormous Hobbit feet or grows way too quickly, I'll either rely on the elastic in the yarn to grow too, or will whip up another larger pair. It was a fast and easy knit and I can already foresee a few more pair in her future anyway.
(I couldn't resist snapping a photo of them on my belly exactly where her feet are. She kicks me in the same spot a million times a day now!)
In other knitting news, I am two sleeves and two seams away from finishing Jackson's new summer sweater, but realized last night that it's going to be way too big for this summer. I will definitely finish it, but there's no rush now. (I slipped it over his shoulders like a smock last night and watched him drown. Oh well, at least he's only growing!)
Dan and I have dubbed this sweater the Mithril Tunic for the Hobbit Jackson* since the blue-gray color and stitch pattern are reminding us of the fabled Elven-made chain mail armor "Mithril" from the Lord of the Rings. The sweater is made from linen, rayon and cotton - not metal - but has such an incredible drape that we can't help but think of Mithril. The prominent garter stitch neck is helping the imagery too, since it totally resembles chain mail.

(If you are also an LOTR fan, click to enlarge the photo of the sweater and you will see what we mean!)

Anyway, it's not frogged, it's not done anything wrong and it's not done...just hibernating for awhile while I get back to more pressing knits: stripey pants for Amelia!
*It's not really fair to call Jackson a Hobbit, since he's always been a very tall boy for his age. But it's a cute name and...well...his feet ARE huge!


drlaura said...

these are adorable little cinnamon booties!
i'm drlaura, "sockguru" for crystal palace yarns, and a super LOTR fan [have several designs - Rosie socks, shire socks, and elven princess socks]...
anyway, would like permission to post your booties on the crystal palace blog and link to you?
also, we have an ongoing color contest.. through 7-31 anything you knit in white, lilac, yellow, or multi=colored, using crystal palace yarns is eligible for free yarn and/or other prizes!


Amanda said...

What adorable booties!! I had my aunt whip up a pair and they are just the cutest little things. I was thinking of adding them to my offerings at, but I was/am concerned about copyright. Do you know of any good resources for that? She offers it as a free pattern on her site...would that make it public domain? I just thought I would pick your brain...
I find myself checking in on your blog daily these days...I hope your little Amelia comes sooner rather than later!!