Friday, June 27, 2008

love, friday

Love seeing my cousins and their babies this week. Kelley and 9-month old Sid are pictured first, then Carrie's 4-month old baby Annika (with Jackson and me). Cousins Lisa and Ashley were there too and so was my Aunt Beth and my Mom. Fun!
Love my new Knitters for Obama bag. Perfect for diapers, toy cars, apple slices in a plastic bag and a big rubber duck*. Oh, and perfect for my knitting nights too!
Love my new lace knitting project. Well, didn't love it last night when all of the rows that I knit at knitting night needed to be ripped out as soon as I got home (note to self: lace is not a good choice for public knitting). But love that it's going quickly and turning out lovely. It will likely turn out to be the new and improved (and not too small) gift for my midwife**.
Love having a date scheduled for a "just in case" C-section for Baby Amelia, should she decide to stay in there too long. My midwife/doc team is adamant about not inducing me*** which means that a different light at the end of the tunnel must be created if we go over the due date. July 17th at 1:30 p.m. But...let's all hope that it doesn't come to that. That's still THREE WEEKS away!

Love that I was able to schedule said C-section with the same surgeon who operated on me the first time. Love that it was really hard to get on her schedule; she's a highly sought-out doctor and that makes me feel really good. Love that she got to see Jackson again today, since she was the first person who ever saw him (and she hasn't seen him since his original birthday!).

Love that the doctor felt a contraction as I was being examined this morning. Love that she was pleased when I told her that all of the Braxton-Hicks contractions I've been having lately (a lot) have made me nauseous. The stronger they are, the closer we are.

Love air conditioning. It's not even that hot, but I'm pregnant and can do what I want. I don't want to be hot.

• And I already told you all this, but I have to say it again: Love the new Moses Basket for Baby Amelia that Kristina sent.
love, friday

*The contents of my bag this morning when Jackson accompanied me to the doctor's office.

**My non-knitter friends all thought it was fine, but my knitter friends all agreed that it was way too small. I'm going with the knitters.

**The drugs used for inducing labor have a high connection to C-section scars rupturing. The only way I'll get to do a VBAC is to have labor start spontaneously. (Let's go, Amelia! We can do it!)


Amanda said...

having had a c-section myself and going through that experience...I am curious about your vbac experience, should she choose to play along. Please do share your story if there is one to be shared. I don't think there is enough out there about vbac.

And yes...I have become a reader...keep it coming!

Lisa Anne said...

Nice to check in and see how things are going. I can't believe how close you are to having baby Amelia! That basket is lovely, what a special gift. Could you e-mail me your address: mahayanafarm at yahoo dot com. We are slowly getting things together. Lots of love...L&A

Beth said...
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Beth said...

Sorry that comment that was deleted by the author was mine. It seems I had some typos so I will try this again ... loved getting together with you, your mom, the girls and of course Jackson and Sid too. It was fun to see you so happy even at 37 weeks on a hot summer day. Thanks Catherine for gathering us all together. Uncle Pat was over on Saturday and met Annika before Carrie flew back. So hard to have Carrie for such a short time but so happy grandpa, Aunt Lisa and Uncle Adam were able to meet this new little one and that Carrie could come and help Kelley out ... Blessings, Aunt Beth