Thursday, June 26, 2008

thanks, friend

Jackson and I were extremely giddy when a very large box addressed to Amelia came to our door yesterday. It was from my friend Kristina who had alerted me that it was coming, though I never could have imagined how incredible its contents would be. Here, why don't I just show you:
See what I mean? She sent an organic cotton Moses Basket (made from organic reeds even) with a special handknit lace edging in the most beautiful linen you could ever imagine. She, of course, knit the edging herself and it's just absolutely gorgeous.

[more photos and details of the project on her Ravelry page, here]

To borrow a term from Kristina, this gift gobsmacked all of us over here at chez y&g. Dan and I both feel so fortunate to have such a beautiful, heirloom-quality place to rest our new baby's head. I have always secretly coveted a Moses Basket, but just had never gone for it. It's clear now that not only is this a pretty little bed, but it's also going to be a very utilitarian item in our household. We've already ordered the rocker stand for it so Amelia can sleep in it right next to our bed and I can totally imagine bringing the basket along when we visit my parents or the cabin later this summer or even at a knitting night in a coffeeshop. I know, the carseat "bucket" is good for this too, but isn't the idea of having the Moses Basket with a sleeping baby in it, just hanging around with us wherever we are, more appealing?

(I had already decided that I don't want to lug "the bucket" around as much with this child as I did with the first. So even though she'll be in the sling a lot, it will be nice to have the flexibility of this basket for special outings and picnics too!)

How was Jackson gobsmacked by this gift, you ask? Well, he liked the basket but that wore off once I told him that it's just for Baby Amelia. No, Jackson was enamored by the enormous box and inordinate amount of bubble wrap that came with it!
Kristina joked about having to plant another tree to make up for the waste in packaging, but I can assure her there will be no waste here. Jackson wanted to have breakfast inside his new box this morning and has already shared the bubble wrap love with one of his friends today (hey! no need to fight over a piece of it when we have so much to go around!). He's seriously in love with this gift too.

Kristina, my dear, I already said in my email that I'm not sure how to sufficiently show my gratitude for this amazing gift, so I guess I'll have just start with THANK YOU. This thoughtful gesture will never be forgotten. You're one-of-a-kind...truly!

(Did I mention that I've never even met Kristina in person? We met on the Farmgirls Forum a couple of years ago and became fast friends. Once we were swap partners on a dishcloth swap and had each other's addresses, the gates were opened for a whole slew of communications that didn't occur on our computers. She says I'm her Kay or she's my Ann or something like I that...[I really have to start reading Mason-Dixon more often]...I'm just thankful for our friendship and look forward to the day when we can finally meet face-to-face!)

thanks, friend


TinkingBell said...

How wonderful!! (Aren't blogpals the best? ) I have met so many wonderful people in the *gasp* almost a year since I started bloggin!

Aunt Jenny said...

OH MY!! It is just the most lovely gift!!! I always wanted a Moses basket for my babies and never had one..I am SO glad you have one now..what a wonderful friend. That lace edging is so the color too!!
I am so anxious to see the first picture of little Amelia in it!!

Hege said...

What a wonderful gift!
And bubble wrap is fun to play with ;)
Have a great weekend!!

Heide said...

What a beautiful and wonderful gift! The lace edging around it is stunning. Boxes and bubble wrap... what more could a kid want? Only two more weeks to go! I'm very excited for you all and I check your blog daily for updates. Hugs all around!