Friday, July 18, 2008

love, friday (baby love edition)

Love Amelia.
Love Amelia in the new moses basket.
Love watching a brother and sister get to know each other.
Love that Jackson loves his new title of Big Brother.
Love that Amelia loves her new sling.
Love kisses.
Love being home from the hospital after just one night. Love feeling so great in such a short time this time around (as opposed to the C-section recovery). Love that Amelia is healthy and there was no hesitation in sending either of us home.

Love wireless at the hospital which allowed us to not only post Amelia's first photos almost instantaneously, but to also read your excited and congratulatory comments and emails like a news feed. Thank you!!! We feel so lucky to be able to welcome our new daughter into such a strong community of friends and family!

love, friday (baby love edition)


Ruth's Place said...

I think this has to be your best love, friday yet. She is a cutie, and so is Jackson.

Kristina said...

Amelia is beautiful! Jackson's big brother love is adorable! You are radiant! (You had this baby Wednesday?!) The pic of the three of you is unbelievably breathtaking. I can just imagine the smile on Dan's face as he (I assume...) took the photo. =) You are wonderful bunch--congrats to all of you. And welcome home!

indieknits said...

I agree with Ruth - best Love, Friday yet!!

sue said...

Amelia looks absolutely beautiful. So happy that you got to go home after 1 night. I did that too after my 2nd birth and it was so much nicer to be home, especially when you have an older child, and it helps that they can give the new baby lots of cuddles too. Your son looks so proud to be a big brother.

Chris said...

I can feel the love in those pictures! :D

sellgen said...

So great!! Love the photos! Congratulations and, wow, you must feel wonderful to be home so soon! Amelia looks so content.

Aunt Jenny said...

Just wonderful..your best Love, Friday yet!!
Congratulations!! She is beautiful...and what wonderful memories you are making!

Hege said...

Beautiful pictures!
Have a wonderful loving weekend :)

Laura said...

She is absolutely lovely, Catherine. I'm so glad to know you're all doing so well!

Beth said...

She's beautiful and Jackson looks so proud as the new big brother. So happy the birth and recovery was just the way your heart desired. Enjoy!
Blessings, Aunt Beth

LaVerna said...

Love that you guys are doing so well!She's beauty.I am totally jealous.I miss baby snuggling.Give her an extra snuggle for me.