Friday, July 11, 2008

love, friday (labor day in july edition)

Love waking up on my baby's due date (today) to contractions at 5:23 a.m.

It's still just early labor, but love that these contractions have continued ever since then at a consistent pace of ten minutes apart (that's nine hours so far) and that it looks like we're headed to the hospital at some point later today/tonight (the nurse just told me to call Grama in for back-up, so that's a good thing to hear!).

Love that awesome and inspirational CDs full of music for labor and birth arrived in the mail today from Sarah and Chris - just in time for me to upload them to the iPod before we go. THANK YOU!!! Love the adorable pink bib that Chris sent too. Click here for a photo of her "baby" modeling it. I promise a photo of MY baby modeling it soon! THANK YOU AGAIN!!!

Love that this musically-focused-momma found perfect music on the car radio today for the trip to DQ (for the inspirational blizzard, of course) - "Touch of Grey" by the Grateful Dead and "Bad" by U2. You know the Dead song: "I will get by, I will survive..." and the U2 song's title doesn't seem to fit the current situation but it always has been - and will remain - my most favorite song in the entire universe. Perfect.

love, friday (labor day in july edition...stay tuned)


Gretchen said...

Ohhh- sounds promising! Good luck and easy labor vibes to you!

Aunt Jenny said...

Oh exciting...I can hardly wait....I will sure be thinking about YOU today!!!

Chris said...

I am SO glad it arrived in time and that you like it! I can't believe you blogged while you were having contractions - that's hardcore! I'll be sending lucky happy baby birth thoughts your way this evening (during the storm!).

sellgen said...

Awesome, awesome!
And the Postal Service
is mighty quick!

Jacqueline said...

Come on out baby! The world is a fun and interesting place, and we have yarn :).