Friday, August 08, 2008

love, friday

Love cookies and milk for an after-nap snack (I wish that we had both had naps!). Love that Jackson figured out how to open the sandwich cookie all by himself. His Dad is so proud.
Love feeling the breathing patterns of my baby girl when she sleeps on me.

Love that I have a haircut appointment tomorrow...this is the only thing saving me from going at my hair with Dan's clippers tonight.

Love feeling brave enough to go on a hike at a local nature center yesterday with both kids because we needed to do something new. Love that Jackson said "It's nice in the woods; I think the woods smell good" as soon as we started hiking. That's my Nature Boy.

Love taking a walk to the coffeeshop with both of my kids in tow, just to enjoy the day today and get a treat (a cup of Fruit Loops in Jackson's case...he was thrilled). Love that the construction outside provided a bulldozer for Jackson's private viewing pleasure. He looked like he was watching a movie, with his nose glued to the window and his hand robotically going into his cereal cup.

Love Amelia's latest pair of stripey pants. Love the colors in this yarn and wish that my camera would accurately show them off. (Love that baby in the background, sleeping in her bouncy seat where she fell asleep during lunch. Who I am to wake a sleeping babe?*)
Love that Amelia has slept in 6-8 hour stretches a night for the past few nights. We're still exhausted because sometimes she thinks that she's all done sleeping at 3 a.m. (and totally happy about that) but luckily we've been able to convince her that sleeping for a few more hours is a good idea. I've got the milk, Dan's got the "bounce/rock/sway" dance down pat.

Love hot veggie hoagies that Dan brought home for dinner. Love Dan and can't wait to fall into bed with him tonight when both kids are finally out for the night. We both fall asleep on our backs these days without hardly noticing the other one is there due to our child fatigue of late, but it's nice knowing that he is there anyway.

love, friday
*I probably should have moved that sleeping babe, however, since when I went to pick her up I discovered...well, let's just say that every piece of cloth near her in that photo is in the wash right now. Even the bouncy seat cover.


Chris said...

Happy haircut day! I got mine cut yesterday, so I can TOTALLY relate.

Anonymous said...

I just LOVE 'Love, Friday'. Always makes me feel closer to "home" than I am! :-) ~e