Sunday, August 10, 2008

Sunday Photos

We went out for burgers (and grilled cheese sandwiches) and malts with my parents tonight. There was a little photo session with their camera and I couldn't resist stealing a few:

The back of my new 'do (a simple inverted bob...huge improvement)
A cranky girl who is learning to hold her head up
A happy boy with a new truck from G&G
The first photo of the four of us all together
Lots more stories to share, but not enough energy to do so. Good night!


Michele said...

hey, I was worried about your hair when i didn't get the call yesterday, but VERY CUTE!!

Chris said...

Cute new 'do! And that cranky picture is SO cute.

Rob & Maria said...

Great Photos guys!

Love, Auntie Maria

Lisa Anne said...

Great hair cut, I couldn't wait for the hair appointment and shaved all mine a couple months ago, it is going through an awkward Harry Potter phase. Love the family photos! We have some new babies on the farm.

Kristina said...

Super haircut and cute photos. The "cranky" pic is *priceless*!