Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Renaissance Men

Dan and I had the good fortune to get on a list for the Renaissance Festival this year, granting us free admission to the largest festival of its kind in the country. We took Dan's parents when they visited and went again just for the morning last weekend with the kids. (This is a wonderful gift, because with prices like they charge, we would not likely have gone even once!) Our dear friend, Constructobot, sings with the Elizabethan Singers and officially made us part of the troupe. Hail to the King that we were not required to sing to earn our admittance!

Dan and Mr. Constructobot were definitely Renaissance Men throughout the visits, as evidenced by the photos below. 1.) Dan wearing his fairy baby,* 2.) Mr. Constructobot wearing both of his daughters (that's a good 50 pounds of child-weight!) while his wife sang and 3.) Dan again playing along with the troupe for one of their performances (Constructobot herself is front and center with Dan). Dan has a little Thespian bone in him and while he may have feigned shyness when I volunteered him for the number, he was definitely excited to be part of the festivities.
*Yes, I've shown you this photo before, but I love it so... I also love, love, love the Mei Tai carrier that he's using in the photo. Amelia practically lives in this on me during the day and Jackson likes to climb in it on my back (or at least, has done it once...). Truly versatile - my favorite baby carrier to date!


Rebecca said...

Nice apron Dan!

TinkingBell said...

Great photos - and I voted in the poll even though I am not a US citizen, because the prospect of Sarah Palin being your VP and affecting the rest of us living in the world outside your borders scares the pants off me!