Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Don't let her speak, whatever you do.

Are you kidding me? How is it possible that the camp of the Republican candidate for Vice President of the United-frickin-States of America can get off with saying that editorial reporters are not allowed when she visits with heads of states on her first big city trip to NYC? How can they just declare that only photojournalists with still cameras are welcome? Is anybody listening to this?! Is it really okay with the American public (of which 50% apparently think that she's qualified to serve as VP, according to this poll) that mere photos of this beauty queen, lipstick-wearin', moose hunter meeting with foreign dignitaries will suffice? Shoot, they should have just saved the airfare and set New York resident Tina Fey up for the photos since Sarah's already wearing her glasses anyway. Though we wouldn't have to be afraid of what Tina would say since we all know that she has more foreign policy experience than Sarah anyway. (Do you think John is regretting his decision? I mean, he can't even let her talk yet without worrying that she'll threaten war with Russia because - after all - she can see it from her house.)

Two things:

1. If the Democrats tried to pull this off, the Republicans would FREAK OUT.

2. You can still vote in this poll to attempt to remedy the situation. (I tried to vote again and again for you, but it wouldn't let me. Sorry.)

And another thing: I'm really happy that Sarah "liked the foreign leaders very much." That's nice. That's really nice. Golly, maybe what we've been missing all along in our foreign policy is just liking the guys over there. Maybe if George and Condi and Colin and even way back to Bill and Madeleine would just have tried harder to like everyone, we wouldn't be in this world pickle that we're in now. Huh.


Clare said...

So glad to know someone else is of like mind with me on this subject. It's really unbelievable, and makes McCain that much less credible, imho.

Off to that link!

Guinifer said...

We should all be offended at the idiocy the Repugs chose to represent the woman's choice - gads - she makes me just sick to my stomach.

sarahmeowmeow said...

Amen, sister!

Chris said...

*head explodes*

Lisa Anne said...

She is a piece of work, they are only afraid she is going to say something so stupid, like in the interview with Katie Curik(sp?):
"...We have foreign countries as our neighbors"...profound!