Saturday, October 18, 2008

I Heart the Squash Lady

We went to the Farmer's market today and came home with all of this:
Squash from my favorite "Squash Lady," the cleanest parsnips I've ever seen, three beautiful heirloom tomatoes, a bunch of radishes that Jackson selected, and the best cheese in the entire world (okay, maybe not the world, but I've been eating this guy's cheese since my Dad used to take me to the Farmer's Market when I was a kid so it's awesome to me...the cheese curds were for Dad).

The pile of beets underneath it all was a total impulse purchase on Dan's part. He loves beets and wants to can them all - or help me can them, anyway. I have to agree that they were a steal at $10 for all of those beautiful beets, but I also have to admit that I'm slightly dreading the work. Maybe just because it's Saturday night...
My package from Secret Garden Gourmet arrived this week too, so we're now stocked up on some awesome wild rice soup mixes. Yes, I know it's seems weird for someone who likes to make soup so much to buy mixes, but here are my justifications:

1. All natural ingredients. Really. I can pronounce them, so that's always a good sign.
2. Local. They came from Park Rapids, Minnesota and were delivered by courier.
3. Wild rice is expensive so the math works out: $6 a pop divided by about 4 or 5 meals each = not a bad price per meal for something with wild rice in it.
4. Just add water, baby. Seriously. This is easy dinner and it's GOOD. (Okay, so some of the mixes suggest adding some milk too...still easy!)

Today was my niece Gigi's 2nd birthday but we celebrated my nephew Tommy's 2nd birthday a day early instead (she's out of town, otherwise we all would have been together). Remember when they were born? It's so cliche, but time flies. Happy birthday to Gigi and Tommy!

Jackson had a ton of fun at Tommy's party today (part of which was at a nature center) and figured out dribbling the soccer ball all on his own. I hope you don't mind my indulging in this little clip of the learning process. It's just 7 seconds, after all and if it really bores you, just assume that I put it up here for the grandparents. Yeah, that's right...the grandparents. :)

I would have said yesterday that the only thing to love about Friday was that it was over, considering the rocky beginning, middle and end that it came with. (Meeting the water heater inspector at the door at 8am while you're running out with both kids who are still basically asleep but you just scheduled them for last minute appointments with the doctor to get their chronic diaper rashes looked at before the weekend and totally forgot that the inspector was supposed to show up, for one thing...) But even though Dan had to work late on a Friday and I was solo-parenting until almost 8pm (what's the point of help then? it's bedtime!), Dan did eventually make it home and we did manage to leave the kids with Grama and sneak out for a super-fast dinner before our church thing and then we did get to sit around drinking wine and talking about life with other parents from church and then I did get to crash and sleep in until 8:30 this I guess it wasn't all bad. There's a love, friday in there somewhere, I just probably couldn't see it until I was hiding my nose in that second glass of wine.

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