Sunday, October 19, 2008

FO Report: Amelia's Stripey Pants Redux-Redux

Amelia's Stripey Pants Redux-Redux

Yarn: Mama-E's C*Eye*Ber Fiber Sock, 80% superwash wool/20% nylon
"Baby's Drawstring Pants" from Last-Minute Knitted Gifts
9 sts/in
US1 dpns + 16" circulars
3-6 months

These are finally finished! I love them, I think they're adorable on Amelia, and I'm happy that I made them, but never again. Small pants for a small baby knitted on small needles with small yarn is a silly idea. At least, it's a silly idea to start knitting them after the small one has been born...

Modifications are the same as the last time I knit these pants, so I'll not repeat the (boring) details here. They're done. And she'll likely outgrow them tomorrow since they're already so tight on her that she looks like a flashback from the 80s (especially with that jean jacket).

I finished them just in time for Amelia to wear them to the baby shower we attended today for my cousin, Kelley. Her second baby, Prudence Catherine, is due in February and as her blog name implies (thrift*store*junkie), she loves second-hand things. The gift-opening was especially fun as Kelley squealed at all of the awesome "finds" that were made on Prudence's behalf. This will be one rockin' little girl, that's for sure. (Catherine is a family name and you can find it sprinkled all over the place on that side of the family. Always with a "C," thank you very much!)
Amelia didn't quite know what to think when we had her pose with her second cousins, Annika (7 months) and Sidney (13 months, Prudence's big brother), but we sure had fun oogling at the wee ones. The last photo is blurry because it's hard to get decent shots of wiggling babies, especially when the photographer is giggling!


Aunt Jenny said...

Very cute!! They turned out great!!!
I am taking a break from tiny yarn and tiny needles for a little while..knitting some bulky warm wool/silk socks for me right now in worsted with size 5 needles (my special "spoil myself" rosewood needles) in a tweedy soft grey color. I am happily in knit mode right now..socks only for now, but I see myself knitting some caps for Christmas. Oldest daughter wants a funky flap cap..I can do that.
Have a wonderful week..with those little cuties.
Yummm...the picture of your booty from the squash lady looks wonderful. Especially the beets..I LOVE beets.

Michele said...

love the jean jacket on her!!!, great job on the pants too.

Rob and Maria said...

Amelia is too cute!