Tuesday, August 05, 2008

FO Report: Stripey Pants Redux

Amelia's Stripey Pants

Yarn: Sublime Organic Cotton DK in "nutmeg" and "scumble" (which is really pale pink and light chocolate) - almost exactly one 50g ball of each
Pattern: Baby's Denim Drawstring Pants by Joelle Hovorson ( from "Last-Minute Knitted Gifts")
Gauge: 6 sts/in
Needles: US5 16" circular + dpns
Size: 6-12 mos
Started: 6/14/08

Finished: 8/2/08

My gauge was different so I did the math (no biggie, the pattern is just two tubes with a bigger tube on top - no shaping), I turned the drawstring hole into two holes so it wouldn't slip back into the casing so easily and I didn't use Rowan Denim yarn for either pair (I made them for Jackson back in '06 too) so I had to follow the after washing dimensions instead of the pattern dimensions (which screwed me up both times, unfortunately).

I don't know how I finally finished these, as knitting time is scarce these days (I only get to knit while Baby A is nursing AND relatively chill...), but I'm so happy that I did because they're darling, IMO. Amelia had to have her own pair of these pants since her brother's pair has definitely seen better days (the knees on his are almost worn through from all of his romping*).

The Sublime organic cotton yarn is a dream for babies - it's so soft. These pants were an afterthought to go with this sweater for Amelia and I think the sizes will actually coincide nicely after all (both approximately 6-12 mos). I would love to show you a photo of the adorable model in her pants, but 1.) they're much too big now and 2.) she's sitting comfortably in her bouncy seat eating her hand and you just don't mess with that sometimes.

I just cast-on for another pair of these pants for Baby A in the 3-6 mos size using my partially moth-eaten yarn** from this post and while I sort of think that I'm crazy to make them with sock yarn on size 1 needles, I'm doing it anyway. The sizing of the legs is working out to be almost exactly like an adult sock so the color pooling is working out fabulously. I realize this will change when I get to the butt of the pants, but I don't care. Super cute so far, even though I was only allowed to do about an inch today. Therefore, don't hold your breath for finished photos any time soon...
*I'm pleased to report that Jackson's size 12-18 mos pants made it from the early days of crawling (about 8 mos) through til this past spring (2 years +) due to some serious blocking and stretching with each wash. Love wool. I doubt Amelia's cotton pants will last as long.

**The moth ate through some strands, but it wasn't that bad after all. I wound it all up anyway after tying about five or six knots on the skein. I didn't end up wasting any of the yarn!

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Aunt Jenny said...

Very very cute!!! I may have to knit some little pants for the neices or nephews I have coming soon. They aren't finding out which sex ahead of time though..so I will have to use un-baby colors..which I like anyhow. Since one of the families have 4 girls already and the other family has 2 girls already I bet I would be safe thinking at least one of these early Sept. babies should be a boy, right?? And if not they would still be good for a girl..I won't do pink...that wouldn't work for a boy I guess.
Anyway..cute cute pants!! Lucky lucky Amelia!!