Sunday, August 03, 2008

love, friday (sunday night edition)

Love that this little girl slept through the night on Friday night. She didn't repeat this feat on Saturday night - nor did we expect her to do so - but it felt really, really, really nice to sleep for 7 1/2 consecutive hours for the first time since July 14, two days before she was born.
Love that this little girl was such a happy camper when we went out for a family "hike" along the Heritage Trail down by the Mississippi Saturday morning. Jackson loved the river and the bridges and Amelia just loved hanging out.
Love these feet. Remember the first time we saw them?
Love sleep. (Just thought I'd mention that again.)
Love knitting and love my yarn, so I'm dead serious about following Joyce's advice about the moth problem. I haven't been able to get the yarn baking for a solid chunk of days yet, but I've got a new plan as of tonight involving my Mom's green VW bug and crossed fingers that the sun will be wretchedly hot this week to kill the little suckers. I hope it will be like the surface of Venus inside that car this week. Die, moths, die. (Yarn can't melt, right?)

love, friday (sunday night edition, i.e. "I live with an infant now" edition)


sellgen said...

Just a fyi-- last week I tried putting my yarn into plastic bags and into the sun for the afternoon only, and moisture condensed on the inside.. causing me concern about mildewing the yarn.

Chris said...

She's so cute!!

Oh, sellgen has a good point. Oy. I have those flow-thru baking soda boxes in each of my tubs - I wonder if putting one of those in the bags would help absorb moisture?

Lisa Anne said...

What sweet photos of baby Amelia, I love the one with the hat. Babies are so sweet when they are sleeping!! I hope you are doing well and wish good sleep and dreams for everyone in your house. Amelia is still working on Amelia's gift so we are delayed, especially since she is away!