Thursday, October 23, 2008

love, friday

Love the way that the setting sun hits the elm tree outside our house and plays with the yellow leaves. Love that my husband ran outside to get this picture immediately after arriving home from work the other night because he was so energized by its beauty.
Love that Amelia is big enough and strong enough for the exersaucer. Love that this little girl who loves to stand and be stiff-as-a-board as she practices using all of her (still new) muscles finally gets to "stand" on her own.
Love that Jackson loves playing with Amelia when she's in her exersaucer. He plays with the toys (that I think he remembers from when he was small) and she watches him play. Love the exersaucer: it occupies both of my kids at once!
Love having my letter to the editor published in the paper today.

Love that this is the last day of the Minnesota Public Radio pledge drive.

love, friday


Chris said...

Congrats on your letter! And I hear ya on the drive. Oy. How cute is she in her exersaucer?!

Aunt Jenny said...

I loved having an exersaucer when I did nice for keeping one (or two!!) amused! Whoever invented them was one smart gal!!
cute pictures!!

Hege said...

She is growing up so fast!
Lovely pictures.
Have a great sunday :)