Saturday, October 25, 2008

Party Girl

Dan, Amelia and I went to my cousin Lisa's wedding reception tonight and had a great time. (Big Brother Jackson got to play at his friend Ethan's house so we were only on "half-duty" for least the kid we did have with us was not the one who runs all over the place preventing us from having lengthy conversations with people!)

Baby A. wore her cousin Gigi's hand-me-down party dress and boy did she know how to rock it. I particularly love the shot where her eyes are bugging out at Dad. The last strip of the photo booth photos was our take-away from the party - one set for the bride & groom's guest book and one set for us. It was really fun to have a night out with just our little baby girl and to have these photos of just the three of us for her baby book. We adore being a family of four, but also so appreciated the time to just focus on our little one for a few hours!
(Turns out, Jackson didn't miss us one bit so it was a fun evening for all.)

Congratulations, Lisa & Matt! You threw an awesome party!


Rob and Maria said...

Great Post! Love the photo booth photos of you three. How wonderful!

Beth said...

So sorry I did not have much time to sit and visit ... but so glad to have family come to the reception. It is interesting to me to be the last in my family of origin to have kids get married and have kids of their own and know that you are so caring to come to all events ... Loved spending time with you and your mom at Kelley's shower too ... love that little girl of yours ... Blessings, Aunt Beth