Monday, December 22, 2008


While I'm not prepared in the slightest for our 18-hour road trip to Ohio that starts tomorrow night after Dan gets home from work (we're trying to get there for Christmas and he can't leave earlier, you do the math), I have packed my knitting. Think this will be sufficient?
(That's the super secret knitting pictured, but it's not super secret anymore due to a major gaff on this Knitter's part. A proper FO Report will follow once it's actually finished.)


Chris said...

Drive safe and stay warm!

Suzan said...

Can you knit in the car? I tried it once and was sick for an hour!

Hege said...

Wishing you and your family a wonderful Christmas!

Becca said...

Oh, Catherine, good luck and SAFE travels to all of you! The good news about traveling through the night is that (hopefully) the kiddos will be out cold for a big portion of the trip. That secret knitting project looks amazing...and very Nordic. :D Have a great holiday with your family!

Janet said...

We did the long drive to Indianapolis a few days ago...not fun. The roads were total ICE through one stretch of WI. We had to go 40 mph for a long time...but glad we did as we saw LOTS of cars in the ditches. Even going 40 mph terrified me (I had to pull over & let DH drive). Ended up taking us 12 hours, even though mapquest said 9.75 hrs. Sure.

Be careful out there! Safe travels. Merry Christmas!
( your knitting bag...packed to the top as it should be! I haven't knit once since we got here...need to get on that.)