Saturday, January 03, 2009


Dan found this in his Christmas stocking this year, along with a $10 gift card for coffee from his kids. What I want to know is, how did Jackson and Amelia know how to get in touch with Santa to coordinate on this gift? AND, who knew that Santa knew how to knit?!
It's perfect for him, since he loves his lattes, but the frugal angel that sits on his shoulder always pipes up whenever he wants to get one. This way, Jackson and Amelia already bought the drinks AND Dan can't even complain about (part of) the environmental impact since he now has his very own coffee sleeve to carry in his bag. He's just nerdy enough to use it too!
Score, Mr. C!

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sprite said...

I showed the sleeve to Rudi (who's sitting next to me drinking a Starbucks latte) who thought it a great idea. He suggests that I could make him one for each type of coffee beverage he drinks...