Saturday, January 03, 2009

Bon Appetit

We couldn't wait another day for Amelia to start eating solid foods since she was making it very clear in recent weeks that she wanted in. Grabbing at our utensils while we eat, opening her mouth like a baby bird each time we took a bite or drink, and her strong desire to at least nurse during mealtimes meant that she "gets" food. Dan did the honors of sharing the first (bland, plain, dare I say gross?) bowl of rice cereal with her today and she loved it. She even tried to help Daddy maneuver the spoon into her mouth.

Warning: You may find this video to be extremely boring unless you are a grandparent or other similarly entrenched Amelia Fan. Jackson does make a cameo, so Jackson Fans may also find some enjoyment here.


Eden said...

Jackson is going backwards! He wants the baby food?!? ;-)

Heide said...

Very sweet! Not to sound cliche', but they do grow up so fast. We accidentally found some old movies from when our girls were little. What a treat! Jackson is getting tall.

Beth said...

OK I'm a fan and this is totally cute! Missed you on Christmas Eve. Hope yours was great!
Love, Aunt Beth