Friday, January 02, 2009

love, friday

Love my Jitterbug socks that I started in February. They've been my "mindless" knitting for the better part of the year so now I need something else equally simple and pattern-free to throw into my bag! This skein totally floors me though--each of these socks was knit from one skein, one right after the other, exact same stitch count and pattern. How in the world did it end up that one is so perfectly even and stripey and the one pools with color?! Love them anyway. Very soft and comfy and totally my colors. (Love that mindless sock knitting was the perfect knitting for the nighttime driving hours of our recent road trip. I plowed through them all the way across Indiana in the dark.)
Love homemade pumpkin pie on New Year's Day (and the day after New Year's Day, etc.).

Love having a one day "work week" this week. We got back on the 31st late at night, bummed around on the 1st, Dan went back to work today while I stayed home with the kids and - VOILA! - it's already the weekend. Sweet.

Love that my husband knows me so well. When I asked him what I love just now (you know, 'cause it's late and I'm tired), he replied "cool yarn and good manners." That's not exactly what I was going for, but...

Love all the cool yarn that Dan gave me for my birthday and Christmas combined. And love the cool yarn that Kristina just sent to me. And love the cool yarn that I bought at my sister's old yarn store in Columbus. Yeah...I do love cool yarn.

Love good manners. He's right. I get super irked by rude people.

Love not getting in the car for two days after two days of being stuck in the car.

Love being this close to done with Dan's sweater. I'm ready to hit the basket of all of my other forgotten projects (notice that "on hold" on the side bar has been deleted in favor of them all being "on the needles?") and he's ready to wear his birthday present from 2007 already.

Love that Jackson says "anything" when he means "nothing." It makes him sound rather agreeable, even though he's usually being completely contrary.

Love that both of my kids get straight A's for the road trip. We strapped these kids into car seats for a grand total of 45 hours (there and back) and only heard whining or crying once or twice. It was amazing.

Love 2009 already. So far, so good.

love, friday


Aunt Jenny said...

I love your socks!! It sure is funny how the yarn did that color thing...but I would like them even more that way for sure too.
I found 3 different "projects worth" of yarn stashed around in silly places while searching for my favorite size 2 double points tonight...yay...all cool yarn too!! I am going to try to use SOME of that up before buying more yarn. (especially since that is just the "found" yarn. I have alot that I already knew about..heeehee.
have a fun weekend!!

Janet said...

Love your unique socks...very cool! I'm hoping to get my knit-thing on this weekend. Guess I should get off the computer first.

TinkingBell said...

Love love the socks - and the way they are the same and different!

Happy new year to you all!

Becca said...

Wow, your children are wonderful to withstand such a road trip! I'm so happy for you that they were such sports - doesn't it just make all the difference in the world? Welcome home - I'm sure you were more than ready to all sleep in your own beds (that's always my favorite part of coming home)! Hope to see you more in 2009!