Tuesday, January 20, 2009

High on Love and Hope

We watched the inauguration of President Obama at our friends' house today--since we have no TV and since it was such an historic event that it had to be witnessed in community--and Jackson paused from playing with trains for long enough to clap and shout "Yeah President Obama!" Joy. Pure joy!


Aunt Jenny said...

I got to watch at work. Since we wouldn't want to pull kids out of class for reading tutoring during such and important event (all the classes watched the swearing in ceremony) All of the gals in our dept (no guys right now)got to go in the library and watch it on the tv in there while we did some cutting out work...you are right... it was perfect in community!
Jackson is adorable!

Chris said...

Yay, Jackson!

Rebecca said...

My college class has a break at just the right time and tuned in to watch. We only had time to listen for about 5-10 minutes of his speech. Everyone was so enthusiastic.