Friday, January 16, 2009

love, friday

Love that Amelia is 6 months old today! Love that she can sit up on her own (still with pillows around her, just in case) for long periods of time without tipping over or protesting. She sat with her toys in the living room for over a half-hour yesterday while I made dinner. It's SO amazing having another child to entertain your baby the second time around. Amelia loves watching Jackson!
Love painting and stamping with Jackson yesterday while we improvised our day. (We were imprisoned in our house due to cold!) Love that Daddy's old shirt can be a smock for Jackson just like my dad's old shirts used to be for me.
Love that eating has become desirable to Jackson again. He has eaten like a bird for many moons now, but lately he's been chowing on multiple portions of meals (some including vegetables!) and I'm back to buying milk in gallons due to demand. He's noticeably taller too - 39" according to his growth chart on the wall!
Love finishing one sweater and picking up another without missing a beat. (Thank you for your kind comments on Dan's sweater!) The body of this sweater for Jackson was completed last spring but was going to be way too big so I set it aside. Given the bullet point about food above, I quickly realized that this will fit now! Luckily, I still love it and the sleeves are flying.
Love sweet packages from sweet friends. I won a contest on Lisa's blog back in December and she sent of box of fun Christmas treasures and handmade delights. I've stored the Christmas things away for next year's fun, but couldn't put away this tissue paper sun-catcher or candle holder (pictured above). They remind me that the light is coming back! (My photo here does not do this's like a mini-sun in Jackson's toy room, it's so bright!)
LinkLove this new lotion for my hands. After many winters of rough, dry, splitty-cuticle hands, I decided to think out of the box on my moisturizing regimen (because you know the definition of insanity is "trying to do the same thing over and over yet expecting different results," right?). I bought this at my new co-op and, while it wasn't cheap, I am cured. It's a miracle potion!
Love finding a preschool for Jackson (for next fall) that I LOVE. We toured it last night and it was absolutely perfect, right down to REAL food snacks that the kids help prepare. Dan's making me check out some others before we dive in--which is probably the right thing to do and yet another reason why we balance each other out so well--but I'm sold. We shall see.

Don't love that Dan is going out of town to someplace warm on a business trip for the next five days, but love that the kids and I have a weekend filled with fun plans with family and friends ahead of us. Also love that Netflix has hooked me up with good chic flicks to knit by, once those kids are asleep...

Love that we are going out to dinner as a family tonight and then I am going out on my own before Dan leaves. Nothing like not having to cook, clean and do the same old-same old to re-fuel before an endurance test.

Love that the temperature is above zero for the first time in three days. It's 2.

love, friday


Aunt Jenny said...

It is cold here too, but you for sure have us beat. It got all the way up in the 20's at some point today..not for long...but it was about 4 when I milked this morning and can't be more than 10 right now. brrr. This is sure an extra cold winter. It makes me even more thankful that STeve has been a sweetheart about doing the night milking (which he hates alot) every weekday for me.I do both milkings on weekends. It is SO much help..and does guarantee supper on the table at a reasonable hour..I think that helps him decide to do it for sure.
Hey..I have the same little "Sweetie Pie" frame that your kitty picture is in. I have a picture of STeve in it from when we were first married..back in his foo manchoo days.
Have a great weekend!!

Knittymama said...

6 months!!! Wow.

I'm so impressed you have Jackson in a smock. I just let them slosh paint all over the place and then can't figure out why their clothes are so stained! :-)

christina said...

recognized the metro transit watercolor sheet ;)