Thursday, January 15, 2009

FO Report: Dan's Cabled Vest

Yarn: Gale Woods Farm yarn, 100% wool, charcoal, 4 skeins (840 yards)
"Classic Camel Vest" from Men In Knits by Tara Jon Manning

(I didn't write it down and he wore the sweater today...)

US8 + US6

I knit this in one piece up to the underarms; decreased 2 stitches from the back and 1 stitch from each side front panel to account for the missing seams. I followed the pattern for size small on stitches and size medium on length…I think I ended up with a "Medium-Large." (Gauge is not my friend.) It fits Dan perfectly though…a nice, roomy go-with-everything vest to have at his office for the chillier winter days. He was really excited to wear it this morning, though he looks a little coffee-deprived in this early morning photo.
The yarn is from the farm where we were married and the sweater was to be his birthday present in ‘07. (He’s a November birthday though, so it’s not SO bad.)
Hope it keeps you warm, Sweetie! I just called Time & Temp to find out the truth on this frigid weather that everyone is complaining about up here in the Northland: -19 Fahrenheit air temp with a -34 windchill. (Maybe this should have had sleeves after all?)


Becca said...

Gorgeous vest - beautiful work, Catherine! And Dan, it looks smashing on you. You may need Catherine to whip you up some matching leg warmers (and neck and arm and face warmers) this week though!

thursday said...

Nice work on the vest! I just realized how much Amelia looks like her father. There's just something in Dan's expression in the photo you posted...

Janet said...

The vest looks fantastic! REALLY LOVE those buttons!! Nice work.

Aunt Jenny said...

What a beautiful vest. It looks great on him.
I have been thinking about a scandinavian cardigan ... me, the sock knitter....maybe a vest would be better. Yours is awesome.

Chris said...

Wow - it turned out great!