Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Be it resolved...

My sister reminded me today that I haven't posted since last Friday, to which I replied "I've been busy!" And I have been. The January Blitz of post-Christmas/early spring cleaning took hold of me and I've found that it's usually best to just go with these things. It's not often that I get an urgent desire to clean the basement and take the feather duster to the tiniest corners of the house.

All of this time spent organizing means that I've had ample time to think and craft blog post after blog post in my head. I just haven't let myself stop the organizing long enough to write. But...tonight I'm tired. Last night was a long one with Baby A. and I just don't have it in me to move about the house anymore.

Where do I begin? Let's begin at the beginning. The beginning of 2009. I'm not one for resolutions, typically, but this year I am making one. This sort of worries me because this isn't a small resolution and making it means I will need to honor it. All these thoughts of "can I do it?" come creeping into my brain making me wonder, but...yeah...I can do it and I should do it. Without further ado, my resolution:

I will knit from stash for 2009. I will not purchase yarn in 2009.* I will be happy with the two (very large) Rubbermaid bins filled to the brim (and then some) of yarn that I already have.

(Did I just say all that?!) Truthfully, this big resolution came about because I get stressed out by the projects lined up in my head that I fear I will never, ever get to if I keep introducing new yarn to the stash. I know, anal. But it stresses me out. My stash is no Yarn Harlot stash, to be sure. But it's big enough for our small house so it's time to start shopping at home for new projects for a good long while.

And in case I come close to falling off the wagon and hitting the yarn shops, I'm including a few photos (just a few...) to remind myself of the yummy yarns that I already have and am excited to use.

Exhibit A: A gorgeous prize yarn from my dear friend Kristina last month. Valentina Devine silk/merino hand-dyed. No specific plan yet, but isn't it grand?
Exhibit B: Amelia's Christmas stocking. I've got a little more than 11 months to tackle this one. (Will someone please remind me in July?)
Exhibit C: A nice quantity of perfectly drapey cotton/linen/rayon blend yarn for who-knows-what. I'm using the blue-gray color of this yarn now for Jackson's Mithril Tunic and absolutely adore it. (Something for me or something for Amelia???)
Exhibit D: My February Lady Sweater yarn, waiting patiently to become the other 85% of the sweater. Sounds like a date for next month, yes?
Exhibit E: Jackson's "letters and numbers" sweater yarn, inspired by his bed sheets that I love. No specific plan, but most likely a stripey raglan.
Exhibit F: From my lovely mother-in-law! Yarn from Dan's father's hometown in the Lake District of England. Enough for a sweater...for me! Probably something from this book...
Exhibit G: I only knit two pairs of socks in '08 (!), so I'm not really calling myself a serious sock knitter these days, but I did just nab this sock yarn recently. I imagine this yarn will turn into a "take everywhere" sock project.
Exhibit H: Oh! Would you look at this?! A recent acquisition, just under the gun in '08. Purchased on December 30th in Ohio, before I knew that I wasn't going to allow myself to buy anymore yarn in '09. Whew! Garnstudio silk-tweed. I have no plans, but it was on sale and I couldn't resist.
Exhibit I: Kristina strikes again! I've come up with ideas for this Euroflax linen about 10 times, but need to let it steep a bit more in the stash. It will be perfect to pull out in the spring, don't you think? (I already had the one cream-colored one and she sent the three green ones...hmm...how can I put them all together?)
Exhibit J: I love this yarn. This yarn tried to be a shawl but it was dismally small so I frogged it and set it aside. "What should it be? What should it be?!" I've been waiting for a really smashing idea to hit, but I don't think I can wait any longer. I'm casting on for a "take-anywhere" scarf project probably pretty soon. I love, love, love this yarn and want to wear it sooner rather than later.
Exhibit K: This is the awesome sock yarn that Dan gave me for my birthday. But given what I just said about socks, and also how much I love this yarn and think I want to see it more than just under my shoes, I think it's going to become fingerless mitts for me.
Exhibit L: Dan's other Christmas present. I'm still working on his Turkish Hat but this yarn is for a pair of Selbuvotter mittens to "match." How cool is it that his Christmas present meant a new book for me?! (No, the yarn choice has nothing to do with my love of Helo on Battlestar or the fact that it starts airing again on Friday night and I can't frakking wait...)
Exhibit M: Depth of Field loft accident. I just went to buy a pattern--it was supposed to be in and out, done. But then I found myself walking upstairs into the sale loft and came upon the same yarn that I used for Amelia's baby blanket on clearance for $3 each and the rest is history. (Dan was surprised to see me walk in the door with an armload of yarn that day. To his puzzled look I replied, "Don't ask.") At least I know I love the yarn already. Sweater for Amelia? It doesn't have to be a baby-sized sweater with this quantity!
Exhibit N: And then there's this. The aftermath of a grand scheme to knit my kitchen window curtains a la Mason-Dixon last summer. Almost 1500 yards of hemp for a size US3 needle. Um...I just bought cheap white curtains for my kitchen this weekend because I couldn't wait anymore. So what's next for this hemp yarn? (Ideas on this and all exhibits much appreciated!)
And there's more (SO much more) but these are the ones that I'm thinking about as we start 2009. It will be interesting to re-read this post at the end of the year to see just how badly I crashed and burned on my resolution--er, I mean, how I measured up to my goal--and what actually was completed from these ideas. I recently reorganized my entire stash and laid my hands on each and every ball of yarn I own. There is enough yarn in there for lots and lots of socks, mittens, hats, gift knitting, charity knitting, lace shawls, bags, kids' sweaters and more. If I stay focused on my goal, I shouldn't even notice the lack of yarn store outings given the gorgeous colors and textures that await me in my stash.

Here's to knitting from stash in the new year!

*Travel yarn does not apply. I'm still allowed to buy "souvenir" yarn when traveling to new places, like when I go to California for Eden's wedding in October.
*Gift yarn does not apply. Either giving OR receiving! :)


Purple Purl Girl said...

You can dooo eeeet! Knit from Stash in 09!

Day to Day Tripper said...

WOW...you have a lot of yarn. Maybe you need a ** for using all of your yarn! You can do it!

Ruth's Place said...

You have some beautiful yarns there!

My goal is to knit (and sew) from stash this year too.

We will not mention the ~24 pounds of roving I just bought to feed the spinning addiction...

Kristina said...

I just showed Zach your New Year's resolution. He laughed, insisting I could do the same for '09 AND '10! =\

I'm rooting for you (but don't make look bad, okay?).

Jenn said...

Ooooh, I'm so excited to meet another blog-mama! I guess it isn't something that really comes up in our ECFE check in time...."so, how is your blog?" Nope. But, I love yours. Fun knitting stuff, along with this resolution for the year. I get caught up with the same problem, but with sewing. I dig exhibit E (great colors!) and also exhibit G... were you wearing those socks at class one time?

Looking forward to many more great posts. Also interesting to see that we're into some of the same bloggers. Vintage chica and Soule mama are two of my faves!

Have a restful, warm weekend.