Friday, January 30, 2009

love, friday

Love that Jackson willingly gave up his Nuk this week. Yes, there was a flat-out bribe involved, but he's completely on board and hasn't looked back. The tides are changing...

Love finishing projects, sorting my project baskets and packing away bits and pieces of old projects. Love picking up my February Lady Sweater once again--such awesomely soft yarn and on my new favorite needles!

Love the "25 Things" trend on Facebook right now. Love learning 25 new things about all of my friends and the fun conversations it has inspired.

Love "tissue weight" tees for layering. Best invention ever.

Love my new camera. (And since love, friday is only for positive talk, I won't tell you about how my old camera broke and I came to be in the possession of the new one...) It's brown. I love brown.
Love being only 5 pounds away from my pre-Amelia-pregnancy weight, even though I'll still be 5 pounds away from my pre-Jackson-pregnancy weight when I get there. I'm not even exercising! Yay breastfeeding!

Love that my February Lady Sweater yarn totally matches the basket I use to carry it around the house. This wasn't planned, but I sure do love it.
Love feeling super lazy on this Friday afternoon and purposely not walking into the kitchen, or else I would automatically start making bread and applesauce muffins (there's always the weekend...).

Love that Dan has a surprise date for us tonight and even arranged for childcare. All I know is that I'm to deliver the children to my folks' by 6pm and I'm not allowed to make dinner. He says I can wear jeans and bring my knitting...sounds lovely to me!

love, friday


MellyG said...

What a sweet little face!

sellgen said...

What a cutie! I also have this same camera, not brown though, and love it.