Wednesday, January 28, 2009

FO Report: Mithril Tunic for the Hobbit

Yarn: "Linen Isle" from Plymouth Yarn, DK/8-ply, color 8699, 50 cotton/30 rayon/20 linen, I forget how many skeins...
"Sweater for the Kids" by Nancy Lindberg

5 sts/in

3T (knit for a size 6 for width and a 4 for length, ended up with a 3-ish)
1/28/09 (but it was on hold for about 7 months!)

This super simple pattern was knit in one big piece with the sleeves picked up. There were still the side seams to do, but I don't mind seaming (remind me of this when I start another patchwork blanket, would you?). I like this pattern because not only is it super easy, but it's sized for 2-12 and has three different finishes (a collar, a hood or a stand-up mock like I did here).
It really turned out perfect. This yarn has incredible drape. So incredible that the name "Mithril Tunic" couldn't really be avoided. (LOTR fans get this, others...why haven't you seen the Fellowship of the Rings yet?) The color of the yarn, along with its ever-so-slight sheen lends itself to this imagery too. It reminds me of the scene where Bilbo gives Frodo the Dwarf-made armor--mined from the depths of Moria--that shimmers in the sunlight...uh, okay, so it's not exactly like that. But it is reminiscent.
The one bummer is that it fits perfectly NOW. When knitting for the small ones, it's always nice to "knit ahead" so that your work will last a little longer. When I started knitting this back in the spring of '08, it was going to be WAY too big so I set it aside. I had the sudden urge to knit girly things (gee, I wonder why?) and thought I had a ton of time on this sweater. Well, I didn't miss the boat, but I wish I had knit the sleeves two inches longer so they could be cuffed now and straight later on so my string-bean-ohmygod-he's-growing-like-crazy-boy could get more use out of this. I may still undo the garter cuffs and knit some more on those...
Trying to get my Hobbit to don this sweater was not easy. Mr. Action couldn't be bothered to stop today, except for one cheesy smile photo. I'll take it though. I love my Mr. Cheesy Smile.

He only decided that he could wear it after I started calling it the "Eye Sweater" since the button sort of resembles an eye. Then he wouldn't take it off, not even for dinner.
Ah well. It hasn't been blocked yet anyway, so go ahead and get cottage cheese all over it!


Aunt Jenny said...

The sweater turned out just perfect. I love the color and Jackson sure looks cute in it. Even the bigger kids outgrow things as fast as I can knit for them. It makes it nice that you have another kiddo coming right up behind him!

Heide said...

I've never seen this sweater pattern before, but it's wonderful. The gray you used would be perfect for an adult sweater as well. I guess what I'm saying is that I want a Mithril sweater too! Time to add on to the "Must Knit" list. Love the picture of Jackson.

charissimo said...

Oh my sweet lord, this is cute! Not only will Jackson be the most stylish kid on the block, he'll be safe from orcs as well!