Monday, January 26, 2009

Scenes from the Birthday

Birthday party at the Jackson Street Roundhouse, a real historic roundhouse that is now a train museum. We played with toy trains, toured real old coaches and even took a ride on a caboose. My Jackson was in heaven.
Opening presents on the big day, he wouldn't even stop to look at the camera.
The new puppet theater that Dan and I whipped together at 10:00 the night before the birthday (to go with the new puppets, of course, way to plan ahead Mom & Dad). Please excuse the duct tape on the curtains - you all know I don't like to sew much. (Kristina - it's the box!)
Thank you all for your kind birthday wishes for Jackson! Sorry about throwing that letter on the blog without the "grab a tissue" warning. I should have known, since I was sniffling a bit myself. As for those who may feel guilty about not having written their own letters to their kids yet? Don't. This is the letter that I've been meaning to write for the "letter from mommy" section in his baby book for three years now. Yay blog! "Print file," insert into baby book. Daddy's on his own for the "letter from daddy," however. Dan, maybe you can do the 5-year old letter?


christina said...

love that you made the puppet theater yourselves! way to be resourceful/ecofriendly. clearly it is something he will get lots of use out of and be able to use his imagination. when he and amelia outgrow it you can just recycle it!

Chris said...

What a great birthday! Lucky Jackson. :)

Emily said...

I just had to check out your blog based on the name - my 2 little ones eat yogurt & granola AS A LIFESTYLE. it is their all time favorite. I found your blog via mary Jane's farm - I'm excited to look around your blog some more.

love, Emily

sellgen said...

Who'd thunk the llama sweater would still fit! It's gotta be tight on the guy!