Friday, February 13, 2009

love, friday

Love having my neighbor walk by with her dogs just as I'm pulling up to the house with two sleeping children and just need to run into the house for two seconds. She and her dogs "guarded" the car for me so I could grab a couple of things (including my knitting) to bide the time while nap time continued in the car. She has kids. She totally gets it.

Love baby steps with potty-training. There is a light at the end of our tunnel.

Love the metaphor of getting "filled up." Filled up with good whole foods, filled up spiritually, filled up emotionally from time spent with good friends...

Love getting filled up at Lori's house for Open Sewing Night last night. Love that you can knit at Open Sewing Night! (Wine, roasted garlic butternut squash soup, buttermilk biscuits, guacamole, asparagus, four women, some fabric and yarn and a lot of laughter...oh my!)

Love getting ready for my girlfriend's baby shower at my house tomorrow morning. A Sweetheart of a Baby Shower on Valentine's Day!

Love that I just received another message in Dakota from Ishna on Facebook. I have no idea what it says but I recognize the phrase "nina washte" which means "very good." I'm terribly excited to re-learn these words and sort of feel like a college kid again.

Love browsing through my new seed catalog and dreaming of the garden. I'm totally moving the tomatoes this year and am pondering tearing up the day lilies by the garage for a squash patch...

Love that we can walk on our sidewalks again, thanks to the February Thaw. Don't mind that it's cold again--I love that too--just happy to be able to move about a little more freely.

Love hot chocolate parties in the living room with Jackson after going "ice skating" on the sidewalks this week. For some reason, the animal crackers taste better when they're dipped in Mommy's hot chocolate. And for the record, Jackson's hot chocolate is called "WARM chocolate, Mom. Mine's not hot, it's WARM."
Love my loud, stinkin', whiny, adorable, active, hungry, quiet, sleepy, wide-awake, playful, fun and lovable kids. Man. It's been a week.

love, friday


Janet said...

Hot (or WARM) chocolate party in the living room?? My idea of perfect! Nice!

Sheila said...

my son insists on calling it WARM chocolate too ... lukewarm would be even more accurate.

TinkingBell said...

I order warm chocolate for Sian (otherwise we'll still be there next week - and Samuel adores babycino - just milk froth with a dusting of chocolate powder.

I am just catching up on blogs and think you are totally cool for learning Dakota - I speak some cantonese, some bahasa, some welsh some french,some german, italian, spanish, japanes - etc but am not fluent in any of them (although I'd like to be) Unfortunately my anthrolpology classes didn't include languages, although we did spenf time with some native american studies - along with the nuer and dinka and of course, Australian Aboriginals. Another common thing between us!

Rani said...

Happy Valentine's Day!

Lisa Anne said...

Amelia always called it warm chocolate when she was younger, especially after burning her mouth on Hot Chocolate she wouldn't drink it unless we called it warm chocolate. Catching up and reading back over your blog I think it is funny that we both wrote that we were Anthropology majors last Wednesday. Amazing! My second major was Indian studies (as in India)!