Saturday, February 21, 2009

The Perfect Day

Sleep in (until 7:15, at least). Listen to kids play with each other in their room before getting up for duty. Marvel at their blossoming relationship and soak up the sweet sound of their mutual laughter.

Hop in shower while husband gets the kids cleaned up for the day.

Enjoy early morning girl time at home with good friend Rebecca (who even delivered mochas and lattes for us!) discussing her impending motherhood and all of the fun details therein.

Get dropped off at our other good friends' house for a 3yo birthday party brunch with just my 3yo. Daddy takes Amelia to the Co-op with him for a "Home Brew 101" class on making the perfect cup of coffee at home. First time for Dad and Amelia to go out alone and a nice return to "just Mom and Jackson time" for us. (One kid is so easy now!)

Enjoy incredible homemade crepes and lots of good laughs at birthday party. Love friends.

Take son on the bus to meet up with the other half of the family at the Co-op. Enjoy being outside in the freshly fallen snow on a sunny morning, riding the bus and even transferring buses with the Kid. I used to love riding the bus all around town instead of driving, but Jackson TOTALLY loved it way more than I ever have (a cheap adventure at $1.50).

Switch kids with Dad at Co-op. Shop for food with Amelia playing googly eyes with all of the customers while Dad and Jackson run around and do their thing. Fill up cart with fresh vegetables and get inspired for cooking for the weekend.

Drive home on River Road with the kids, learning all about how to brew a better cup of coffee from Dad while both kids conk out in the back seat.

Leave Dad and kids in car at home while I go inside to enjoy a peaceful, quiet house for the first time in...a LONG time. Deliver hot lunch and reading materials to Dad and promptly fill up time with laundry, dishes, and building a better train set for Jackson in the hour and a half that they were not in the house.

Play together when they all come back inside. Then start making a cherry-peach crisp for dinner dessert in the afternoon.

Usher Dad and Jackson out on more errands (Dad's errands) for another stretch of quiet(er) time with just Amelia. Make dinner (red kale steamed in vegetable broth with purple potatoes, green beans, and garlic served over fusili with lemon juice and parmesan) at a leisurely pace while Baby plays with toys in the kitchen.

Light candle for dinner as usual and say our blessing words from our church as usual. :::beam::: when son recites words along with us and is proud of himself for doing so.



Clean up from dinner, get one kid bathed and into bed, play with the other and read lots and lots and lots of books together before he heads off to bed too, then quickly run downstairs to finish folding laundry, crack open a Porter and write a blog post.

Up next: Last night's episode of Battlestar Galactica with Dan, knitting*, more beer, either some ice cream or possibly more cherry-peach crisp and ultimately...bed.

love, friday (a day late, but it was the perfect day)

*The February Lady Sweater is perfect but is turning out to be a disappointment anyway. We'll talk later...

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