Thursday, February 05, 2009

My Life is a Facebook Status Update

I admit it, y&g has been a little sparse ever since I fell in love with Facebook. It's all the updating and tweeting and yadda-yadda-yadda that is so damn easy and fun. But it's also corrupting my mind.

Have you seen the movie "Stranger Than Fiction?" I just watched it (and loved it) and now can't shake the feeling that my life is being narrated.

Luckily, I'm the narrator:

Catherine wonders why?! Why can't she make the horse drink the water?! Sometimes the horse's momma knows what's best for the horse!

Catherine has washed cat puke off her own bed quilt and pee off her son's bed sheets so many times this week that she's considering putting a moratorium on sleeping in beds.

Catherine is so engrossed in knitting her February Lady Sweater that she often wants to ignore her children just to knit on it. Is this wrong?

Catherine normally disdains talk of the weather and how horribly cold it is--we all live here for crying out loud--but reluctantly admits that she is coming down with a case of cabin fever. Despite the February Thaw that's coming to town.

smelled her camping gear the other day and smiled.

Catherine loves the smell of her baby girl's head so damn much that...she doesn't know what...she just loves it.

Catherine sometimes thinks that she's the worst mom in the world. Even though she knows she's not.

Catherine uses Facebook as a way to escape from the mundane droning on and on of her days at home with the kids. See Status Update above.

Catherine prides herself on being profoundly positive in 99% of life's situations. But she's also notoriously skeptical. How is this possible?

Catherine may be addicted to the little red notification flags in the corner of her Facebook page. The constant virtual conversations with friends she hasn't thought of in 15 years are delightfully inescapable.

Catherine favorite food is yogurt & granola, but she's pretty sure you already knew that.

Catherine is an introverted extrovert.

Catherine cries when she hears a beautiful piece of music performed in a group setting. Every.Single.Time.

Catherine wishes she went to school for a degree that she would have actually used instead of two that she's not using (and doesn't care about anymore).

Catherine wants a new computer so badly, but is pretty sure that she cannot ask for one nor hope for one at this point in time.

Catherine can't stand the smell of Pringles next to her right now but is at least hopeful that her husband will finish off the can so she won't have to deal with it much longer.

Catherine is signing off now, to go check her Facebook page. And at least her main plot doesn't have to be trying to talk someone into not axing her character out of the story. She's pretty sure that she's good on that front.


Janet said...

Looking forward to more updates.
Another Facebook Fixated Friend, who plans to also blog about Facebook in the not-too-distant future!

Jeffrey Harmon said...

Yep, status updates are the best part of facebook. You just took a bunch of "microblog" posts and turned them into one blog post. Cool.

I might be a little overboard but my brothers and I created a facebook app over Christmas that turns your facebook status update into a custom t-shirt. The app is called Status King.

When we made our first mock ups of the t-shirts my 17 year old brother printed one that says: "Jordan is available." Then it has the little facebook box with the text: "What are you doing right now?"

When I saw your post "My life is a facebook status update" I laughed because I am now wearing t-shirts with status updates on them.

Purple Purl Girl said...

So funny. I've been thinking that Facebook is yet another way for me not to keep up with my friends. I really need to win the lottery so I can live the kind of life I want. Sigh.

Becca said...

This post made me laugh so hard, nodding my head all along. Charis and I just finished a conversation about how our already-neglected blog has truly suffered since the onslaught of Facebook. But YOU are still so loyal! I love your updates, via blog and FB - the best of both worlds. :D

sellgen said...

Hisssterical :)