Saturday, March 21, 2009

FO Report: Amelia's San Francisco Poncho

Yarn: Malabrigo Merino Worsted, 1/2 each of 3 different colorways ("Loro barranquero," "Autumn Forest," and something else...), +/- 330 yards
"Children's Poncho #243" by Diane Soucy, Knitting Pure & Simple


US6, US8
12 months
This yarn was recycled from my ill-fated capelet adventure with my friend, Rebecca. We were so excited about the pattern in the yarn store that day so long ago and loved our own little KAL project, but neither one of us ended up liking the finished item very much. (It called for three different colorways of luscious Malabrigo, but only half of each was required for the project. So we bought all three together and split them up to share.)

The poor capelet sat in my stash box for well over a year while I thought about what to do with it. Nobody wanted it (I tried to pack it in all of my visitors' suitcases and purses, to no avail) and it just didn't really suit anyone (or more importantly, any occasion...who wears a capelet?).

As I mentioned recently, the perfect use for this yarn hit me when I bought my plane ticket for San Francisco for early April. Amelia gets to come with me which meant that she would need a little spring jacket of sorts for the ever-changing San Francisco weather. A perfectly soft, perfectly adorable, and perfectly flexible hooded poncho.
I purposely knit her poncho on smaller needles (I used US6 for the poncho body) because I like Malabrigo on 6s. Therefore, my gauge was different, but that was good because the smallest size of the pattern was 2-4 which would be much too big for her now. The size came out just right. (Pattern gauge: 4.5, My gauge: 5.)I did the hood on US8s because I was worried about running out of yarn towards the end. This turned out to be perfect too, because we all know that babies' heads are much larger than their bodies so the larger gauge up top was just right. I knit the 3 extra stitches at each end of the hood to create the casing going around her face for a drawstring, but haven't done an I-cord yet. (I may, I may not...haven't decided.) I didn't sew the casing down yet either because I think it's easier to insert an I-cord before sewing it shut, but it's just creating a cute inward roll which isn't a problem so far. We'll see what happens there.
And I left the fringe off. Baby Girl just eats everything these days anyway so I didn't want her to end up with a mouth constantly filled with fiber.

Jackson wants one now too and I have just the right combinations of stash leftovers that I think would work well for a boy poncho. I'm not convinced that he'll need/wear a wool poncho since he's such a "hot" boy (he's almost always sweaty), but it would be perfect for fall too so I'll probably make it anyway. If he doesn't end up wearing it, then Amelia can have one the next size up all ready to go!

(Report on ease of use for a baby: AWESOME. It's over her head before she has a chance to fuss and there are no sleeves to mess with. The PERFECT spring/fall baby outerwear accessory. Highly recommended for sure.)


team krasean said...

I want one for Anja!! SO CUTE! Great work - we need to have our little girls hang out again soon.

Eden said...

I can't wait to see the "San Francisco Poncho" in person!!! Love, e

thursday said...

Very cute poncho (and little girl, of course). We have that same toy - in fact, it was my mom's (um, you know, for her grandkids, not for her) but my little guy absconded with it!

Ruth's Place said...

It's adorable!

Janet said...

I'll say it again: I just LOVE this! Completely adorable...the poncho AND your percious little one. Nice work.

Janet said...

Make that PRECIOUS little one.

TinkingBell said...

She looks beautiful - the perfect use for the yarn - and the Mal is so soft (and your herb - might be lemon thyme - check if the scent is lemony!)

Rani said...

It's absolutely adorable! I love the natural colors. You really whipped that thing out! Smokin' needles.

Gin said...

too cute!!! I totally want the pattern!!!!! I mean if the idea didn't sell you the pics of that cute baby in it would :) Hope I can see you both soon for knitting at Caribou sometime!

Aunt Jenny said...

Very cute!! I love how the colors go so well together...very unexpected and perfect...earthy and sweet at the same time! Amelia looks so grown up in it!!!
I am so glad you posted pics..very very cool!!!

Senja said...

I love this a lot! Need to make one for my little girl.