Friday, March 20, 2009

love, friday

Love the first day of spring. Even if we did wake up with a dusting of snow and then it misted/rained most of the day. Rain is a good thing...

Love Square Foot Gardening (this book is rocking my world) and absolutely cannot wait to get my hands in my vegetable patch this year. Only a couple of weeks until I can plant the early spring crops.

Love that Michelle Obama is coordinating a vegetable garden on the grounds of the White House, not only for food but also for education. Love Michelle.

Love my Forest Canopy Shawl. Back at it, monogamously, and loving it.

Love the anticipation of my trip to San Francisco to visit Eden with Baby Girl in a couple of weeks. I can smell the eucalyptus and taste the avocados now...

Love cooking with (ready-made) polenta and can't wait to try it again. Tamale Pie was first on the menu but we're going Italian-style with it the next time.

Love that my days of computing on this faithful (but super old and slow) iBook are dwindling, as its descendant--my new MacBook--is traveling to my doorstep as I type.

Love the new Facebook. (What's the big deal, folks? It's just FB after all. You'd think they had changed the color of the sky or something for all the fuss!)

Love homemade carrot cake and beer on a Friday night. Oh yeah, and love Netflix too. Gotta go.

love, friday


Aunt Jenny said...

You know what I love...that you mentioned the avocados and the smell of eucalyptus ..things I truly miss from life in Calif. Besides that and missing my big boys so much I would sure rather be here, but I do miss those.
Netflix is a big hit here too!
Have a great weekend.

Lisa Anne said...

A trip to San Francisco sounds great right now. I am already feeling the stress of the season coming on.
(What WOULD we do here all winter if we didn't have Netflix?)

Eden said...

Love that you and little Amelia are coming to visit me!!!

Kristina said...

We are avid SFG'ers at our house. And the poncho is ADORABLE! The only thing cuter is the little girl. ;)