Sunday, March 01, 2009

It must be March

Because the February Lady Sweater is officially done. Unfortunately, it's way too big. I'm not sure how it happened since I started it back in September and can't remember anything about starting it. I thought I had gauge (I still think I did, but I'm now thinking that I just chose the wrong size?). Anyway, it's horribly too big for me. Which is a nice problem to have, in general--clothes being too big, that is--but not when you've invested time and money into their creation.

See this?
That's 23 inches across which means it's a 46-inch sweater. I think I was going for the Large size at 44 inches because the Medium size was only 41 inches, even though I really wanted something more like a "Medium-and-a-Half" (the story of my life), or 42 inches. So, yeah, 46 inches is just not going to work. Who looks good with an extra 2 inches of sweater hanging out on each side?
(The length was far too long too, but that's totally just user-error. I mean, the whole thing was user-error, but knitting it too long just meant that I didn't stop soon enough...)

The solution? It's in the washing machine on hot right now. At 75% cotton/25% wool, I'm fairly confident that it won't felt or totally fall apart, but :::something::: will happen, to be sure. Please send lots of "appropriate shrinking/non-felting" vibes and good juju to my house this morning. I'll keep you posted.
ETA: It totally felted. Now it's a shorter (by 3 inches), felted, 46-inch sweater. And heavier than all get out when wet.

:::big sigh:::

We shall see what tomorrow brings when it's dry, but, yeah...not so good.


Rani said...

You are a very brave woman. Let us know how it turns out!

love the color

Heide said...

Aw nuts. It's dissappointing when so much work doesn't turn out precisely like we want it to. It's still a very pretty sweater though. Perhaps it can be a really special gift for someone who's bigger than you?

Janet said...

Oh, crud! It is SUCH a pretty sweater. I'm sorry. Ughhhh! I was thinking the same thing (as the comment above)...anyone you can give it to who is a little bigger?

Chris said...

Good luck! I've heard that this sweater runs a bit big...

sheree said...

Oh what a bummer! My FBLS turned out a *tad* too big, but not so bad that I couldn't shrink it by throwing it in the dryer while damp.

That seriously sucks that yours turned out so big!

Aunt Jenny said...

Oh darn...all that work. I hope when it dries things look better. It sure turned out pretty!
Have a great week!

Ruth's Place said...

So sorry to hear!