Friday, February 27, 2009

love, friday

• Hands down, this week's edition must be dedicated to my friend, Todd. Love that Todd showed up in front of my house during a snowstorm that was dropping an inch of snow an hour, when he knew that my husband was out of town and I'd have to wait until the kids were in bed later to shovel at night, and just started shoveling my ginormous corner lot sidewalks that seem to go on and on and on in the winter when you're shoveling. I tried to yell at him to stop it but he blew me off and did it anyway. Love that good friends like this exist. Love being friends with Todd.

Love that both kids were in bed and asleep by 7:10 p.m. tonight. (!!!)

Love that I was able to watch Jackson fall asleep simply by massaging his temples for the past two nights. No naps are making this 3-year-old a bit of a pain lately, but at least he goes to bed easily and quickly at night.

Love that Dan gets back in town tomorrow and I will cease being on 100% diapering/feeding/playing/soothing/etc. duty at precisely noon on Saturday.

Love a good porter (cracked open next to me at the moment), tira misu from Pizza Luce (poised ready for action with a fork on the table next to me), a Jane Goodall documentary from Netflix (just need to finish this post and we're off) and a February Lady Sweater that's 99% done (okay, still not loving it 100%, but loving that it's almost done...I'll explain later).

:::big sigh:::

love, friday


Aunt Jenny said...

Have a fun weekend...sounds like you deserve it. What is up with the Feb. lady sweater?????
We only got a teeny bit of snow this morning..but it is cold enough out that if it does anything tonight it will snow. I am certainly ready for spring this year!!

Janet said...

I love good neighbors like that too. Fantastic!

Catherine said...

No, no, no, the BEST part is that he isn't even a neighbor. He drove across town in the storm to come and help!

Rani said...

What a neighbor. That's what people were like in the good old days. I'm so glad to hear that folks still take care of one another.

I had a neighbor who would use his snowblower to clear off his sidewalk RIGHT UP TO MY PROPERTY LINE while I shoveled my butt off. I always thought it took some strange person not to go the extra 20 feet just to be neighborly.

Becca said...

Oh, Catherine, I FEEL YOUR PAIN with the no napping kid! It feels so unfair! But yes, bedtime is just that much easier - and I love that you rub Jackson's temples to help him go to sleep. Sweet. Good for you, making it through another stint as a single parent - I will keep saying it, but I so admire your ability to keep a hectic life balanced. Enjoy your chocolate cake tonight. :D