Wednesday, April 01, 2009

FO Report: Scrappy Poncho

Yarn: all scraps, most leftover from projects for Jackson, all wool with the exception of two colors that have a little alpaca thrown in
"Children's Poncho #243" by Diane Soucy, Knitting Pure & Simple



I knew this would happen. Jackson HAD to have a poncho too, since he saw me knitting one for his sister and suddenly had poncho-envy. I cast-on, assuming that he wouldn't wear it since it just didn't really seem like a "Jackson" thing to wear. Because of that, I used only scraps. I'm still committed to the yarn diet for this year, but since I had such little faith that this garment would be loved, I wasn't even willing to use "real" yarn from my stash. Only scraps from the Scrappy Boy's sweaters.

He liked it as I was going along and even helped decide which color would go next. But during the official try-on this morning (once all the knitting needles were out of it, since he "can't try anything on with knitting needles in it, Mom!") he squirmed and writhed and made the most horrible faces. (I so wish I could have captured one of those faces for the blog...)

So, I guess Amelia has another poncho in her future. And the most action you get to see with this poncho is watching it dry as it's blocking.

The next project is definitely for Amelia. Definitely. (Already cast-on this morning for the Helena sweater. SO excited for this overload of cuteness. Stay tuned!)

(And, oh yeah, I haven't forgotten about my supposedly monogamous love affair with my Forest Canopy Shawl. It's cool. We're just taking a break and seeing other projects for awhile.)


Anonymous said...

I totally want to make that Helena sweater too! I already printed the pattern so I wouldn't forget about it, but I'm scared of all that lace.

Janet said...

I like the Scrappy Poncho...and I swear I would NOT make a "face"...not at all. OOOOH...that Helena sweater is preciously cute. Wow!

TinkingBell said...

I like the poncho - and so identify with the lovable yet entirley annoying thing about 3 (or 4) year old boys! However, mine adores his fish hat and wants to wear it ALL THE TIME! (always nice for a knitter!)

Aunt Jenny said...

It sure turned out cute!!! It will be just as cute on Amelia as it would have been on Jackson!! Boys! (I have 5 of them..totally get it!)
What a fun, and useful way to use your extras and scraps of yarn!! I need to do somethign like that. Last time I had alot I did a big old afghan for second son Casey. He loved it. I really shouldn't wait until it gets so bad that I can make an afghan for a 6'4" kid (grown kid) though.
Have a fun weekend!!