Friday, May 08, 2009

love, friday

Love going from pull-ups/cloth diapers to underpants-only for Jackson in a matter of days this week. It's a hard, hard road, this potty-training business, but we're on it now that I hotwired the engine (since Jackson was just farting around in the driver's seat while staying all comfy cozy in his old ways). Turns out he needed a push and is pretty damn proud of himself now. We're a long way from accident-free, but I never would have thought we could be where we are now when the week started. It's a one-way road, so there's no going back now...

Love watching my Baby Girl crawl around the entire house, sampling Jackson's toys, and trying out her skills (she's awesome at removing books from shelves and emptying out the lower kitchen drawers). A little tired that my two kids have these huge developmental pushes at the same time, perhaps, but love it, nonetheless.

Love chocolate-covered almonds and decaf Peace Coffee in a dark movie theater. Love knitting six inches of a sock in said movie theater, error-free. Love watching the new Star Trek movie with my Trekkie husband by my side (for the record, I'm a Trekker, while he's a Trekkie--those in the know know what I mean). Loved the movie and loved the break.

Love the news that my brother-in-law, Joe, got into Southern Connecticut State University! Way to go, Joe!!!

love, friday


Rani said...

Could you be a Trekker Trekkie? hee hee

Heide said...

I love almost all of the Star Treks (I wasn't too much of a DS-9 fan). The movie was wonderful, but I must confess that I found Uhura was a bit sappy. I didn't get much done on my movie sock. Congratulations on the milestones. As a mom of three I totally relate to celebrating all steps towards potty training success. Happy Mother's Day.

TinkingBell said...

Yay for both the kids - mine were both around 3 when they decided they were ready and it was all over in 3 days! Always a good thing to leave until the kids are all ready (and enjoy choosing their own underpants too - bribery never hurts!)