Monday, June 15, 2009

Fort Snelling Hike

We've been doing a lot of hiking this year and taking a lot of photos while hiking, but the millions of photos get overwhelming pretty fast. (Remind me to talk about that someday: my constant search for the best way to document, preserve, share and keep our digital photos, both online and off...)

Here are some photos from our recent hike to Fort Snelling State Park over Memorial Day weekend. Fort Snelling is great because it's so close to home but really allows you to feel like you are deep into nature (despite also being about 1 minute from the airport and a major highway). We love the Pike Island loop and often head out there for a late afternoon hike. We usually see some wildlife too and this hike didn't disappoint; we had a nice, long gaze at a doe and she didn't seem to mind our presence one bit. We often see wild turkeys on this trail too.

Without further ado, the hiking (beginning with a picnic on Picnic Island, also at Fort Snelling):

Jackson was SO proud of himself for discovering this tree stump.
It's not easy to photograph a 3yo...
...unless you're the Mom and you just grab him quick-like! Ask him to "say cheese!" and it's all over.

Second exciting discovery of the day: a ready-made fort in the woods!

Sweet dreams, Hiker Girl!


Day to Day Tripper said...

Love the photos...Jackson looks like he's a tiny hobbit on the enormous tree stump!

Did you know there is a company that can turn your blog into a book! After learning about the company, it inspired me to do more blogging since I know it won't "go to waste"...I'll actually get a hard copy to show my kids someday.

Senja said...

Oh fun hiking trip! I love the fort and the stump Jackson found. Summer is great for these family adventures isn't it?