Friday, June 19, 2009

love, friday

Love making progress on Eden's wedding shawl. Especially after passing the bride/mother-of-the-bride test last weekend! (It wasn't really a test, of course, but it's always nice to know that what you're knitting is, at least sort of, what the recipient was picturing.) I've done another repeat on top of what you see here, so only 7 more repeats to go and then...the scalloped edging over 796 stitches done in the round... Nice to breeze through these repeats and allow myself ample time for that endeavor! (Want to take bets on how many times I'll count those stitches?!) The wedding's in October...I'm good...
Love that this little girl stood for long (L O N G) stretches of time at the ice cream social at the park near our house tonight. She was mesmerized by the live music and just stood there watching it. Amazing. (She's obviously holding onto her toy shelf in this photo because it's a little hard to photograph a newly-standing baby when you're also trying to make sure she doesn't tip over on the concrete!)
Love reading Charlotte's Web to Jackson. Love that he loves chapter books. Love that he thinks Wilbur is really a dog. And love that when I assumed he wasn't paying attention and stopped reading this afternoon, he calmly said "Mom, do you think their watering cans on the farm filled up with water too?" (I'd been reading a section about a big rainstorm.) I said "Yeah, I bet they did." He said "You can keep reading now. I like it." and kept playing with his toys next to me on the couch.

Love that Amelia looks exactly like her Daddy in this photo. It's blurry, but I'll keep it anyway. I have a photo of him from Glacier National Park when we met with this *exact* same face. (Pre-digital, I may have to dig it out and scan it...)
Love running into friends we haven't seen for awhile at the ice cream social at the park near our house tonight. Love that the kids had so much fun with the live music together. These three are all within a few months of each other and first met in an ECFE class as babies. It's amazing that they're all so big now!
Love that Jackson brought me his MagnaDoodle today and said "Look Mom! I made a picture of a cat knitting!" I asked him how that (blob) was a picture of a cat knitting and he showed me how he used the cat-shaped refrigerator magnet as a stencil to make his "picture" on the MagnaDoodle. The cat was "knitting," since there was a ball of yarn at its feet. Duh, Mom.

Love sitting on the back porch with Dan each night this week.

Love that our trip to visit Dan's family is imminent and we're all getting excited to travel.

Love the Twilight series. (Did I just say that here?! Oh well, they're fun and exciting books and I'm addicted now!)

love, friday


Eden said...

How can I not comment on your awesome progress on the shawl!?! I'm SO excited to wear it for the wedding, anniversaries, and many more special occasions in my future (maybe your kids' weddings?!). Love, e

Purple Purl Girl said...

796 stitches, you who are about to rock, I salute you. Stitch markers, every 20 stitches,10 stitches, 5 stitches stitch markers are going to become a very important part of your life. Have a great vacation.

TinkingBell said...

What a fabulous friday - can't believe how grown up your little girl is!