Thursday, June 18, 2009

You're never too old for a tattoo*

My mom has been wanting a tattoo for years now but was waiting for just the right time to do it. The right time turned out to be last night, as a 65th birthday present to herself (and from her dear hubby/my dad too). I accompanied her on the excursion for documentation and supervision (she is my MOM, after all).

Just after the outline was tattooed:
The happy birthday girl:
Damion at Electric Dragonland (he did a GREAT job):
The final piece of art (click to enlarge):
The colors will be much lighter and brighter once the healing is complete (1-2 weeks). All of that green will turn into the green known in our family as "Grama green" (the color of her green VW bug) which is 100% appropriate for her. She couldn't have chosen better colors or a better design.

The final verdict: She LOVES it! And thought that it didn't hurt that bad... :)

We joked about having another item checked off of her proverbial "bucket list" as we enjoyed some raspberry chocolate chip ice cream at Sebastian Joe's afterwards. What's on your bucket list?
*My mom's 80-year old friend is getting a tattoo next week too!


Aunt Jenny said...

Wow..she is a braver woman than I am! My 2 oldest boys have tattoos and I am always amazed. Second son got a small heart with MOM in in on his chest one time. Looks too painful to me.
My bucket list is shorter for sure since I got Mona. Having my own milk cow was at the top of my list. I had already had a horse, and a few other things that were on the list.
I do want to visit Alaska some day, grow my hair down to my butt, get a picture with ALL 7 of my kids in it (and clean), and have my own jeep..and not a crummy one. Thats all.

Rani said...

I have one and it hurt like a MOE-FOE! That is THE COOLEST GRANNY EVER!!! Happy Birthday!

little boat said...

I too recently got my first tattoo for my 62nd BD. a gift from my daughter. it's a beautiful butterfly on the back of my shoulder & I LOVE IT!!! my hubby thinks it's very sexy.
I am now looking forward to a second one. as my other daughter says "they're like potato can't eat just one" Ha!!