Friday, July 03, 2009

love, friday

Love redeeming my Mother's Day spa gift card for a one-hour full-body massage today. Words cannot begin to describe...

Love the farmers market and especially love going with just the Baby Girl while the boys went biking. I've come to the conclusion that farmers markets are like yarn stores and garden centers for me: WAY too much "candy" to suck me in. The produce was spectacular! Suffice to say, our fridge is well stocked for the weekend and then some.

Love that Dan discovered the macro zoom on my little point and shoot. Way fun. (The photo of Amelia was taken from all the way across the yard.)
Love fresh, local raspberries and strawberries that I can't keep my hands out of.

Love shaving both Dan's and Jackson's heads in the bathtub tonight? Well, not really, since I didn't want to do it and it was right before bedtime and Amelia did NOT appreciate being locked up in her room while the three of us were in the bathroom with the clippers, but...the fuzzheads are kind of cute. I take solace in the knowledge that Jackson's hair is just like mine and grows like a weed. He'll have his cutie-patootie sticky-uppy hair back in no time.
Love playing Settlers of Catan with Dan last night for the first time in a long time.

Love watching old Michael Jackson videos on YouTube. Love that it's Prince Weekend on The Current which means that songs like "Little Red Corvette" are sprinkled throughout the weekend. Love being reminded of all of the old music I grew up on that I'd forgotten about. RIP MJ.

Love being silly with my Baby Girl.
Love long weekends.

love, friday

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Rob and Maria said...

Cool! Hope your guy's 4th ways Great! Heard Robola talking with Dan. We watched fireworks from our rooftop!