Thursday, July 02, 2009

Stash Enhancement

I bought yarn in Connecticut. Yes. I bought yarn. And I love it! (Travel yarn! It's totally allowed!)

Araucania Ranco Multy sock yarn named after Lake Ranco in Chile. This was an instant purchase once I saw the sample socks knit up in this colorway. Love at first sight. (This one may be tough to not just cast-on immediately...)
A totally unecessary purchase of incredibly soft and irresistable purple baby alpaca and merino wool yarn. 300 yards worth. Need I say more? (Highlander from Alpaca with a Twist)
These last two are a little more practical, since I bought quantities for knitting up some sweaters for the kids. Again, there was a sample knit up in the store (obviously an easy marketing tactic with me). Self-patterning yarn that ends up all Fair Isle-y, too cute and easy to pass up (it's from Sirdar).

Jackson picked out the colors for these. I asked him which one he liked for a sweater for himself. He chose the one in the first photo, but I thought he'd like a super green one more. When I asked him why he didn't like the green one, he replied "there's green in this one, Mom. See? Right there. I like that green better." Oh, well, okay then. I guess he knows his greens.
He also chose the yarn for Amelia's sweater, but I had to tweak his selection a bit since he chose the bubblegum pink version for her. We all remember how I feel about bubblegum pink, right?
Off to knit...


Janet said...

BEAUTIFUL yarn choices. Happy knitting!

Jess said...

Very pretty stuff! I love the Ranco, it's a very nice yarn to knit with. Beware, though - it really is NOT machine washable. It says to handwash, but sometimes you can ignore that. Not with this stuff.