Thursday, October 22, 2009

FO Report: The Other Amelia's Hoodie

Yarn: Cascade Yarns Jewel Hand Dyed 100% Peruvian Highland Wool, color 9950
Lyalya Hoodie Pattern ABC (Adult/Baby/Child) from Etsy

US8 16" circs

This was a super fun knit and I will definitely be making more. My friend asked me if I would knit this for her daughter (another Amelia, who goes to preschool with Jackson) in exchange for a hand-sewn garment for my Amelia. As my father-in-law always says: "A fair exchange is no robbery!"
It's got the look of a Waldorf doll/elf, is resistant to being ripped off the head repeatedly by small hands (which is why my Amelia will soon have one), will keep the ears and neck warm and is just flat out adorable. Easy to knit and a total no-brainer if you have kids in your life.
Pattern notes: The seller didn't list the yarn quantity required which I found a little annoying. I bought one 142-yard skein of yarn and crossed my fingers. Wouldn't you know it? I needed one more skein for the last six rows. I still don't know how much yarn is required for the different sizes, but I'd say get at least two skeins for the child or adult sizes. You could probably get away with one for the baby size. (Though, obviously, skeins vary greatly in yardage, so that doesn't really tell you much either.)
(Doesn't Jackson look like a sweet little elf modeling this electric pink hoodie? He had to prove that he's still a witch, of course. Halloween is just around the corner and it's ALL-COSTUMES, ALL-THE-TIME around here.)

And seriously, would you look at what we got in return?!?
That's a handmade, fuzzy purple monster shirt (dress? tunic?) with a hand-embroidered face, pink and gray striped jersey accents and a tail on the back. Can this possibly get any cuter? I cannot wait to try this on my Amelia tomorrow morning. I have a feeling she's going to be hugged A LOT when she wears this, given the soft, fuzzy purple fabric!
A fair exchange is no robbery, indeed! Thanks, Christy and Amelia!


Hege said...

I've seen some sweet hats like this one at Ravelry, and this pink one is beautiful!
And the monster shirt is so cool!

Have a great weekend :)

Janet said...

Love both items: the hoodie & the monster shirt/dress/tunic! So cute!

Rani said...

The hat is soooo cute! I will definitely put that one on my list. Darling - thanks for sharing the link.

How cool is that monster shirt! Hilarious!