Friday, October 23, 2009

love, friday

Love that this injury happened just one hour before Amelia's 15-month well-baby doctor visit on Monday (don't love that it happened at all, of course). As my friend said, much better than 5pm on a Friday! (Even though it may scar, she was back to normal in a matter of hours. Resilient child.)
Love hot apple cider in October. I don't think I ever actually consume it at any other time of the year.

Love hearing Jackson proclaim "I love my school, Mom" when I picked him up today. He's had a rocky (yet totally normal) first 6 weeks of school and it's such a relief to see him relaxing and getting into the groove of it all now. It's totally his turf now.

Love that his imagination is positively ON FIRE when he returns home from school. Leaps and bounds. It's astounding to watch him grow and change.

Love the solo time that I'm getting with the Baby Girl while the Big Brother is at school. We have ECFE one of those mornings, but Thursday mornings are just for girls and we love it.

Love churning out the knitting lately. There are so many more things in my head! I wish my hands would go faster.

Love that my dedicated blog fans have hung in there with me and my lack of love, friday posts as of late. You must know that there is never a lack of things to love, just the time in which to share it!

• On that note, love that we get to "fall back" an hour next weekend. I know, I know...the kids never really get this and we'll still be up at the usual time but just the idea of an extra hour...oh, what I could do with an extra hour...

love, friday


Eden said...

I MISSED LOVE, FRIDAY!!! Welcome back!

Janet said...

Yay for Love Fridays!

Lisa said...

LOVE your 'Love Friday' posts. Thank you for brightening my Friday with your love!