Tuesday, December 29, 2009

FO Report: 1st Selbuvotter

Yarn: KnitPicks Wool of the Andes in Williamsburg (blue) and Cascade 220 in 8010 (ivory); 100% wool, worsted weight
NHM #5 from Selbuvotter by Terri Shea

"toddler size," approximately 7" long and 3" across (that's way bigger than toddler size if you ask me)
These mittens are the result of wanting to quickly turn out piles upon piles of mittens for Jackson this year (since he gets them soaking wet or loses them so easily) but then the project got derailed in the land of Thinking Too Much. He has a few pair of 1-color worsted weight mittens but those just don't seem warm enough for true winter play so then I went down the 2-color mitten road but was like a kid in a candy store with all of the choices and ideas.
Ooh! Snowflakes! Ooh! A snowMAN! He loves snowmen! Ooh! I could incorporate his name! etc.etc.etc.
Then I remembered that 1) these were supposed to be quick and 2) he was likely to lose them anyway so don't sweat it on these.
I know it looks like I still "sweated" it on this pair but trust me, I didn't. I'm dying to point out all of the errata on this pair of mittens but I shall refrain out of respect for my husband who always tells me that I focus on the imperfections too much (I do). But--for this pair and this pair alone--I was able to move along when I spied a color error a few rounds earlier and that, my friends, is saying a lot. The whole point was to use two colors so the yarn would be carried in the back creating a thicker-weight mitten that would do a better job of keeping out the wind. The snowflake pattern is just a happy bonus.
I will say that the thumbs suck. There, I said it. I'll consider them my practice pair of Selbuvotter and you can be sure that I'll try harder on the thumbs next time (when they're not for an almost 4yo boy who is going to have those thumbs felted in a matter of days anyway).
Speaking of that boy, I couldn't help but include these multiple photos of him "modeling" his mittens. If you read this blog often, then you know how difficult it is to get a photo of him doing anything with a smile (except for this one) and today was no different. But let me assure you that he gave me a great compliment by dropping what he was doing when I was done with the mittens and immediately putting them on both hands. He wore them for a good long time in the house too, just because he liked them so much (til he got a little too hot, that is, so at least I know they work to keep him warm). He did ask me when his Frosty mittens are going to be done (I made the mistake of telling him about my snowman idea too early) so I guess I'll have to get on those soon too. I still have to block them and am thinking about knitting an I-cord to string them in his jacket (his request). Not a bad idea for a boy who has already lost one of these.
(I love this photo...he can't totally hide his smiles!)

P.S. The mittens really aren't twisted like the left one looks in the top photo, that's just a result of not being blocked yet. I hope.

P.P.S. I was using leftover yarns for these mittens and eyeballing it on the quantity. I had just a few yards left of each...phew!


Rani said...

They are darling! You really cranked those suckers out!

Sadly, my boys won't wear mittens. Their at THAT age. It's gloves or nothing. (and I have yet to knit a pair of gloves...)

Ruth's Place said...

Wow, these are stunning! Makes me want to move somewhere it snows so that I can (try to) make a pair!

Hege said...

They turned out beautiful!
Hope he don't loose them ;)

And Happy New Year, may it be filled with lots of great knitting :)