Saturday, January 16, 2010

FO Report: Quincy

Yarn: Alpaca with a Twist Highlander, color 2012 "Dark Thistle," Aran/10-ply alpaca, merino
Quincy by Jared Flood


My yarn wasn't the perfect match-up for this pattern so I added a few stitches to the initial cast-on to make the main rectangle a bit wider. I matched it up to the pattern size perfectly, but I do feel like it could use a little more length over the ears. Maybe that's just the Minnesotan in me talking. (The alpaca yarn is very warm though, I love it.)
The construction on this hat is super cool and deceptively simple. I'd heard from everyone that this pattern has just the right amount of "boring" so you can knit on it anywhere and just enough "pay attention" pieces to keep you interested. Very true. I knit much of this hat in the hospital with Jackson while he slept on me :( and had moved on to the picking up stitches/pay attention parts just as he was getting up and playing with toys before being discharged. It's definitely a quick knit.
And addictive too. I can already see myself making more of these!

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Hege said...

Love your hat!!