Friday, February 05, 2010

love, friday

Love this hot fudge sundae crockpot cake. I know, I know, I've told you all about it before. But we never grow tired of it!

Love Brrroccoli Soup Au Gratin from Blue Moon Soup--an awesome soup cookbook for kids and parents to use together--that my son actually tasted. He didn't like it enough for a second taste, so all the more leftovers for mom and dad. (If you make it, consider using less than half of the milk suggested. I only used 1 cup and it was perfect.)

Love this "Wake-Up Story" from Healthy Child Healthy World that my sister-in-law shared today. I'm embedding it here, but my blog template isn't showing the full width of the video. Click on the link above to see it on their site. It's only 3 minutes but it's powerful.

Love joint homemade play-dough play time with the kids. (Our homemade play-dough used to be prettier before the color merging. It may be time for a new batch...)
Love our beautiful February snowfall yesterday and today. Light, airy, enough to shovel but not enough to make moving about in it difficult.

Love that both of my kids dove head first into our baby play today. At the suggestion of Jackson's preschool teachers, we've elevated the baby dolls in our house from "stuffed animal bin" status to "pretending they are real babies and treating them nicely" status. Both kids spent time swaddling the babies, rocking the babies and we had a few rousing choruses of "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star" to help them sleep (boy, I sure couldn't have slept after that rendition). Jackson bundled them up and put them to bed before going to bed himself. (Kristina, the basket lives on!)
Love the anticipation of the Winter Olympics. (Though I'm a little nervous about my ability to view the games this year, given that we dumped our TV 3 1/2 years ago. Does anyone know if I'll be able to watch the games online? I don't even care if it's live or if I already know who won the gold, I just love watching all of the Winter Olympics!)

Love this Sark image, as shared by minnesota:madre who found it over here. A perfect reminder at the perfect time.
Love hot toddies on a cold winter's night under a down blanket on the couch. Which is where I need to be now, gotta run!

love, friday


Sarah Jane said...

:) So fun to make your blog.
You can most certainly watch the Olympics on-line. I love cross country skiing and I guess the rest of America could care less as it's never on prime time. You're able to get it on NBC's site.
Have a great weekend!

Hege said...

I just love that Sark image! I saw it several places the other day :)

Have a great weekend!

Day to Day Tripper said...

Love the Sark image too...always good to reread and remember. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Hi Catherine! I love seeing the dolls set up for Jackson. I hope it will become special play time for him.

And thank you for sharing "The Wake-up Story", I'll have to pass that one on.

Blessings, Kristin