Sunday, July 18, 2010

Dear Amelia,

My sweet Big Girl, you are TWO! Happy Birthday!! It's so cliche to say this but it's really, really, really true: the time seems to have flown by.
You are an insanely bright, social, and adorable girl (all of these claims can be 100% backed up by friends, family and strangers, given that I'm not exactly objective here). New words are exploding from your mouth every day and you regularly say "Me-uh do it" (Amelia do it) when you want to try things on your own. You held back on talking a little bit but then just arrived on the scene with "I WAN GO DAT WAY!" when you were upset that I was taking you inside after riding our bikes one night. Guess you sort of decided to skip the whole one word at a time thing and just jump right into sentences? :)
I still call you my "fruitarian" daughter since you would probably live very happily on fruit alone if allowed, but thankfully you also enjoy jam toast (more fruit), peace noodles and grilled cheese sandwiches. I even lost a bowl of broccoli to you once when you took a bite of mine and wanted the rest all to yourself, so I'm holding out hope that your taste buds are more diverse than your brother's!
What else can I say about you, Honey Girl? You just LOVE EVERYTHING. You are always willing to try things, you laugh all day long and you are simply a joy to be around. Sure, you are a teeny bit bossy and yes, your scream is incredibly high-pitched, but we've been around this block before so you're not scaring us off with those things.

Some of your current favorite things:

• Taggie, your sweet little security blanket that you grab onto when you shove your thumb in your mouth and get tired or lay over your face when you's incredibly adorable
• Mrs. Tiggywinkle by Beatrix Potter
• dolls, dolls and more dolls
• appa deuce (apple juice, all day, please...)
• whatever Jackson's doing
• Daddy in the morning, Mommy at night, no exceptions, thank you very much
• Joke, your Uncle Joe whom you visited recently and still talk about every day
• going for walks with your dolly stroller
• screaming (both happy and not so happy)
• chasing the bubbles your big brother blows
• going for bike rides with Mom & Dad
• our cat (and you're actually pretty gentle with him)
• being the center of attention with your adorable Shirley Temple ringlets, except for on your birthday when you didn't want anyone to look at you all day...
My sweet little girl. Thank you for the joy you bring into our family. We all love you very, very much!! Happy Birthday!!

Love, Mom


PikaPikaChick said...

The Taggie over her face is sending me into *squee* spasms. Happy birthday, Amelia!

Rani said...

Happy birthday to the big girl!!

Aunt Jenny said... can 2 years have already gone by?????
This will be a fun year. 2 year olds are seriously my favorite people!

Lisa said...

LOVE this!

Gin said...

i could eat up those little pigtails!!!! so cute!!